Residents should check census workers' IDs

WIth the 2010 Census upon us, Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong wants to remind residents to be smart when giving out personal information.

Beginning next month, census questionnaires will be delivered by hand or mail, said Furlong. The process is expected to continue through August.

"The census process will bring unfamiliar faces into our neighborhoods from February through August while delivering the questionnaires," he said.

Census employees must have a valid regional level identification card with their picture. Furlong advises people to ask for official identification before giving any information to anyone claiming to be a census employee.

Furlong urged residents to report anyone seeming "out of character" in their neighborhood.

To report suspicious activity, call the Carson City Sheriff's Office, 887-2010. Try to make note of the suspicious person's race, gender, age, clothing, last location and direction of travel, vehicle type and color and license plate.

In March, census forms will be delivered to every residence in the United States. When you receive yours, just answer the 10 short questions and then mail the form back in the postage-paid envelope provided.

If you don't mail the form back, you may receive a visit from a census taker who will ask you the questions from the form.


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