School uniforms available for pickup at CMS

Carson Middle School parents who ordered uniforms can pick them up

2-6 p.m. Tuesday at the school.

Also, parents or guardians who did not place an order for the polo shirts can purchase them during the same time.

The uniforms will be part of an overall behavior program, Positive Behavior Support, being launched next year. All students will be required to wear the standard school attire on the first day of school.

The attire will consist of a light or navy blue polo shirt, to be purchased through the school.

They will be paired with either khaki or navy blue slacks, shorts or skirts, which parents can purchase from any clothing outlet.

The program, Principal Sam Santillo has said, focuses on rewarding good behavior.

"We'll recognize and support students through positive reinforcement," he said during an April school board meeting to present the program. "Instead of focusing on punishment for bad behavior, we'll be front loading that by training the kids and teaching them to be respectful, responsible and safe. When they do those things, they'll be rewarded."

The plan is not in response to any particular problems, he also said, rather it's a way to free up teacher and staff time to pay more attention to academics.


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