Health care reform: Statement from Sen. Harry Reid

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement today in reaction to House passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, health reform legislation that passed the Senate in December with a supermajority of 60 votes.  The House also passed a series of adjustments to this legislation through a simple up-or-down vote:

"Today, over a half million Nevadans are a step closer to quality, affordable health care.  Tens of thousands of Nevada small businesses are a step closer to getting critical relief to support health care for their employees.  Over 200,000 Nevada seniors are a step closer to a stronger Medicare program that puts money back in their pockets instead of padding insurer profits.  This story can be told all over America, and it represents the real impact of today's passage of health reform in the House.


"I commend Speaker Pelosi and her team for leading passage of this common sense legislation that puts Americans back in control of their own health care, lowers skyrocketing costs, reduces the deficit, protects seniors and curbs insurance company abuses.  She and her colleagues in the House understand that this was never about politics; it has always been about people who are struggling every day to keep their families healthy without going broke.  This is about the scores of people we hear from every day who need greater security and stability in their health care.  


"As the Senate prepares to complete our work on this historic effort, Senate Democrats reaffirm our commitment to reform because we know it's good for middle-class families, seniors and small businesses in Nevada and all across America."


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