Letters to the Editor Aug. 25

My husband and I enjoy reading the letters to the editor section, along with the commentaries by Guy Farmer and others. Though most of their subjects are good and based not only on opinion, but facts, there is one person who has not only talked about what's going on in the world today, but what governments are brewing in the pot for us all - Alan C. Edwards.

(He writes about) not just what's happening today, but future events. Over the past 10 years or so, when we were lucky enough to purchase the Appeal which included one of Mr. Edwards' letters to the editor, we would cut his letters out and include them with other informative information we had collected.

His most recent letter, "Everyone should familiarize themselves with Agenda 21," corresponded with similar information we already have. His articles can be a bit scary, but real eye-openers. People need the truth and have a right to it. If they choose to ignore it, so be it. At least the opportunity to know what's going on was there.

Every piece he has written has been great. They're mostly based on facts, not just one man's opinion. Allowing Mr. Edwards to write a column in your paper, even twice a month, would be beneficial both to the people and, most likely, to your paper.

Don't ponder too long. Things in the world are changing rapidly. Give Mr. Edwards a jingle.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shields

Carson City

To the brave group who broke into my home: You must have seen the photos of my son in his various Army uniforms - his dress greens, his fatiques, his camos, photos he has sent to me taken while on patrol, etc., protecting your freedom from terrorists so you could break into his mothers' home and take away her sense of security and safety and instill a bit of terror.

You must be proud that you caused her pain as she discovered you had taken the piece of jewelry her son saved up for to give her on Mother's Day several years ago. Yes, it was made of gold, and now you have it. I am told by the deputy who took my report that you have visited many homes and spent several hours in each, carefully going through all possessions, choosing only those items that are easily converted to cash.

I am told that you have no fear (of) dogs, returning homeowners, alert neighbors. How brave you are, sneaking about, taking whatever you please.

I will tell you, you are very lucky you did not visit me while my son was home on leave, protecting your rights and freedoms. You might have learned what terror is all about.

Cheryl Cavalier

Carson City

Gov. Brian Sandoval just returned from a trip to Afghanistan to visit our troops, yet he refused to order Nevada's flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of our Navy SEALs who died in enemy territory.

He failed Nevadans by not having the spine to do the right thing, despite President Barack Obama showing his true colors by not ordering this tribute.

Sandoval's office told me he refused because: 1) Obama didn't order it (as governor, Sandoval could have ordered it for our state since Obama could care less), and 2) none of the SEALs were from Nevada. Give me a break.

What a hypocrit Sandoval is. I will never vote for him again. Nevada and the nation should be so ashamed.

Jessi Winchester


I am a senior citizen in Carson City. I have a few friends who are members of the senior citizens' center, so I joined to have lunch and fellowship with them. I usually attend two days a week when possible and sometimes more.

We noticed several ladies walking around with their blue Carson City Democratic shirts on and didn't think anything of it. Then it was announced by Joe the announcer that the day's second cup of coffee was donated by the Carson City Women Democrats. Since the downturn in the economy, seniors must buy their second cup of coffee for 25 cents. Joe announced this three times during the luncheon over the public address system in the room.

The women walked around, talking to whomever wanted to hear them discuss their party affiliations. I was both appalled and offended by this, as were a lot of others in the lunch room. When Joe announced for the third time that the coffee had been donated by the Democratic women, there were some cheers and a lot more boos.

Since Carson City runs and operates the senior center and owns the buildings, we feel it should be a place that represents all of us; it should not lean toward or sponsor any particular political party. It should be a place of nonpartisan activities and should represent all of us, and not advertise or push the agenda of any particular political or religious persuasion.

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City


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