Girl jailed after shooting classmate with pellet gun

A fifth-grade student was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly shot a classmate with a pellet gun and pointed it at others.

According to Carson City Sheriff's Deputy Jessica Rivera, a victim reported to school administrators at Seeliger Elementary that the 11-year-old girl shot her in the stomach. The rubber pellet left a red welt on the child's body.

Police were called out to the school on South Saliman Road just before 10 a.m.

During the investigation, another student came forward and said he was greeted by the shooter as he got off the school bus.

"She asked him if he wanted to get shot and she pulled the gun out of her bag and pulled the trigger, but nothing came out," said Rivera.

It's believed the girl pointed the gun at three other students before school administrators found out, said Rivera.

Rivera said the girl claimed she had forgotten the gun was in her backpack.

"She thought it was just a joke. She said she was playing around. She thought that it's just an Airsoft gun and it wouldn't hurt or wouldn't matter," said Rivera.

The girl's parents were called to the school and she was taken to juvenile detention where the matter will be handled in juvenile court. She also was suspended for 11 days, said Rivera.

Kevin Curns, safety services manager with the Carson City School District, said Airsoft and BB guns are among items prohibited from being brought onto school campuses.

According to the Carson City School District website, "toys that resemble guns or other weapons in any way are strictly forbidden on school campuses in the Carson City School District. This includes, but is not limited to, toy Airsoft pellet guns.

"Students who bring such items to school will have them confiscated, law enforcement authorities will be notified, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Disciplinary action could result in long term suspension from school ..."


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