health inspections

The following health inspections are for the period of Dec. 21:

• Artisan Cafe Restaurant, 449 W. King St., scored 97 points. Various food items, including brown sugar, were found stored for later use without the required label showing the name and date. Brown sugar was found stored in a five-gallon pail with a paper cup inside. Only use utensils with handles for dispensing food.

• Brewery Arts Center Caterer, 449 W. King St., scored 99 points. Cleaning and maintenance tools are not properly stored. The mop bucket was found in the upstairs men's restroom with dirty water in it. Empty the bucket after use and store in an orderly manner.

• Laundry Lounge Convenience Store, 1300 E. Fifth St., scored 99 points. There were no "no smoking" signs at the entrances. NRS requires posting "no smoking" signs at each entrance.

• Lori's Caucus Deli Restaurant, 401 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.


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