Letters to the editor for jan. 8

Unemployment center is maddeningly understaffed

I am really starting to get upset with this unemployment situation. It's not bad enough to be on unemployment, but then you go online to file your weekly claim and it won't go through until you call their call center. That's the biggest joke I've ever seen. I called Monday morning at 8:02 and got a busy signal and continued to get a busy signal all day long. I'd use redial every 10 minutes, getting a busy signal. I even went to the extent of paying 95 cents so when the line was free they'd call you back.

Well, it never happened, 5 p.m. came and no call, and their answering system says, "I'm sorry, we're closed, please call back between 8 and 5." By this time, I'm stressed to the max. So Tuesday morning comes and 8:01 I'm on the phone again and it's not a busy signal and they tell you to please hold, that your call will be taken in the order it came in - OK, right.

I spent another four hours on the phone again today just for them to tell me I'd be getting $5 less a week. Can you believe that? There's a handful of jobs right there for us unemployed - open them up. I asked the gal how she got her job and she said it was a state job and she was on the waiting list for one year. What's wrong with this picture?

Tami Tuttle

Carson City

Thanks to those who light

up Hells Bells

Every Christmas Eve, someone in our east Carson neighborhood spends a lot of time and effort to pass along the joy that this holiday signifies.

Every Christmas Eve, after thoroughly enjoying this display, I promise I will write a letter to the editor to publicly thank that person or persons who are responsible for the hundreds of luminaries lining blocks and blocks of Hells Bells Road off East Fifth Street.

If you have never experienced this beautiful display, please make a note to join us in 2011 to drive through this breathtaking, peaceful, serene display of lights.

Thank you again to all those responsible for sharing this with us year after year.

Linda Marantette

Carson City

Secret Santa lifted spirits

at senior home

Just wanted to thank the Secret Santa who visited the Eagle Valley Care Center. The senior residents there were very excited to receive gifts.

My mother Eva was one of those people, and I thank you for giving her such a nice gift. The lounge set will keep her nice and warm on cold days.

Thanks again to all who were involved in the gift giving. May God bless you for your thoughtfulness.

Barbara Sanders

Carson City


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