Letters to the editor Jan. 12

Threats against teachers must be taken seriously

Imagine, Facebook threats to harm teachers last week from six middle school students and the resulting 3-5 day suspension for punishment. What did these children learn? It appears from the superintendent's perspective they were just good little girls who were goofing around. Take your head out of the sand, Superintendent Stokes.

Physical threats are not to be taken lightly - a good example is the 22-year-old shot who shot and killed six people and left a congresswoman gravely wounded in Tuscon on Saturday - that's not goofing around.

What would have happened to our teachers if the Carson girls hadn't been caught? Would they have hurt, maimed or maybe even killed teachers? We really do not know. We just know that there was a movement to recruit 79 girls to join a club to hurt teachers led by a young woman. Imagine 79 girls that might consider hurting teachers, and only one parent - no students - came forward. That is serious.

Physical threats or actions against others should be considered for serious punishment and mandatory counseling. If these girls thought this was a joke, then they need to understand that jokes are about "knock, knock ... Who's there?" - not hurting teachers.

I urge the juvenile magistrate to dole out punishment that gets their attention and includes therapy and counseling for the girls and their parents. Throw the book at them. This is not a joke.

Sandy Miller

Carson City


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