Coyote attack prompts warning to pet owners

Park officials are warning residents to keep a close eye on their small dogs when using the trails at Riverview Park after a coyote attack last week.

"It's a natural park, and there are coyotes there," said Carson City Park Planner Vern Krahn. "It's winter time, and they're hungry. Unfortunately, if little dogs stray too far from their owners, they can become prey."

Krahn said the dog that was attacked Jan. 4 was a feisty little Jack Russell terrier. He fought back and survived.

Carson City Open Space Natural Resource Specialist Ann Bollinger said bald eagles can also be a threat to small pets this time of year.

"They can swoop right down and grab a dog," she said.

Krahn said not too long ago, the parks department got a call about a mountain lion in a tree at the park - a call that turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

"(Parks and Recreation Director) Roger Moellendorf got the call, so we all went tearing down there and made calls to NDOW (Nevada Department of Wildlife). They said they would definitely come down and remove it from the area, but it turned out it was just a bobcat," Krahn said.

"He was up in a tree and it looked like he'd just found a nice warm spot to sun himself where he wouldn't be bothered," he said.

Residents who need to report wildlife they feel might be problematic can contact the parks department at 887-2262.


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