Letters to the editor Jan. 13

Mansion coordinator will be deeply missed

How could anyone throw Miss Helen Wiemer out of the Governor's Mansion she loves. We love her. Two of my five kids were given tours by her at the mansion. She belongs there.

We voted for the new governor. How can he do this to the people of Nevada? If they wanted their own person in there, give her another job. We want Miss Helen.

Leticia Morgan

Carson City

DUI suspect didn't belong on front page

It is absolutely outrageous that you would put a 21-year-old, Heidi Shellenbarger, on the front page of your newspaper (Jan. 7) for something for which she will suffer the rest of her life.

This young woman is already devastated by what happened. Please remember, she was just at the limit of .08, so who is to say that this could not have happened even if she wasn't drinking?

No, I don't condone drinking and driving, but I also don't condone kicking someone when they are down, especially such a young person with her whole life in front of her. There are DUIs every day of the week, and no, they don't all end up like this, thank God. How many of us must say, "but for the grace of God go I."

My heart goes out to the victims, but Ms. Shellenbarger should not have to suffer the rest of her life for this disproportionate publicity.

Maybe you are trying to teach the world a lesson or fill up white space, but it shouldn't be at the expense of this very young lady or any person her age. You should be ashamed.

Terry Sullivan

Washoe Valley

Repealing health care law isn't the answer

Republicans: What planet are you on? It isn't the one I live on. How can repealing the health reform law be good for America? How can it be good to go back to allowing insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, thus denying help to those who need it most? How can it possibly help Americans to again allow insurance companies to charge ridiculous premiums and to deny coverage arbitrarily? You all talk about reducing the national debt. How can you achieve this when it has been shown that without health care reform it will cost America more?

I don't understand how the newly Republican Congress can seriously say they have America's welfare at heart. I am not saying the Democrats have it right either. There has to be a middle way - a way that allows people to have access to health insurance but also adheres to the Constitution. Going back to the way it was isn't an option.

Karen Lemos

Carson City


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