List names people with warrants

The long arm of the law now reaches into every Carson City nook with Internet access.

More than 3,300 warrants - listing a person's name, age, charge and bail amount - are now available online by visiting www.ccsher and clicking on "Carson City's Most Wanted," said Sheriff Ken Furlong.

Every active Carson City Sheriff's Office warrant, from misdemeanor traffic citations to two felony murder warrants related to a 1999 shooting, are listed alphabetically and in a searchable PDF format.

According to Furlong, the lists will be updated monthly with new names added and cleared warrants removed.

"If you know you have a warrant, realize so does everyone else now. Someone may call you in, so you should just clear it yourself," said Furlong. "If our officers come in contact with you, they will arrest you whether you're ready of not."

If you are the subject of a warrant you can either call dispatch or go to the front counter of the sheriff's office to surrender.

For minor traffic citations, visit the Carson City Justice Court, Fines and Fees Office on the second floor to pay the warrant.

Or you pay at

The following traffic citation warrants are not payable: Driving without a valid driver's license, second or subsequent offense; fraudulent use of a driver's license; failure to use child restraints; any offense involving an accident; aggressive driving; DUI or if no bail is indicated on the warrant.

Court administrator Max Cortes said people who use the online payment method should be aware that the warrant is still active until at least the next business day when the payment can be recorded.

Also, payments in check or money order can be placed in a brown mailbox outside the courthouse day or night. Along with the payment, include the defendant's name, a copy of the original citation if possible, and a contact number should there be any questions.

If you pay off your traffic warrant you are admitting guilt and waiving your rights to a trial, said Cortes.

Should you want to dispute the traffic citation, arrange payments or see if you can work off the fine through community service, you can show up to see the judge on Mondays through Thursday at 11 a.m., she said.

Cortes said no appointment is necessary.

Of the warrants listed, nearly half are for people failing to appear in court on traffic citations. Among the others, some 671 warrants are for violations of bail conditions, suspended sentences, or probation; 1,057 warrants are for contempt of court; five are for sexual assault (four of them involving children); 28 are domestic battery warrants; 11 are for embezzlement; and six are DUI warrants. The majority of the warrants are for misdemeanor offenses. There are 57 felony warrants and three gross misdemeanor warrants on the list.

"If you get pulled over and have a warrant you will be arrested and in addition to the amount of the warrant, you're going to have to wrangle with the tow company to get your car back. The tow bill could be more than the ticket itself," said Furlong. "It is in everyone's best interest to clear the warrant as soon as possible before the cost of the warrant is escalated out of control."

Anyone with information on the location of a person listed should contact non-emergency dispatch at 775-887-2011.


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