Letters to the editor Jan. 16

It's not teachers' job

to raise our children

Kudos to Marilee Swirczek for her insightful article regarding education. As she wrote, it is not the lack of money, or the lack of personnel. The schools today have teachers, guidance counselors, teacher aids, psychologists and so many more employees.

It is very difficult to teach the three Rs - reading, writing, arithmetic - when the basic three Rs - respect, responsibility, resolve - are not taught at home.

Our schools today are more of a day care center than a place of learning. It is difficult for teachers to maintain an orderly classroom since they are not permitted to reprimand any student for fear of being fired. Their job is to teach, not raise our children.

Is it the school's responsibility to provide breakfast and lunch, or the parents? What ever happened to the fun lunch boxes we all so proudly carried to school? Oh, yes, they have become desirable, very pricey antiques, just like us.

I disagree with Hillary Clinton - often do - when she said, "It takes a village to raise a child."

I believe it takes love of a family.

Inga Silver

Carson City

P.C. police took Christmas out of holidays

Well, the holiday season is over. The newspaper, retailer, TV and radio stations can relax and not be afraid of slipping up and saying "Merry Christmas."

I don't remember hearing any real Christmas, excuse me, music as in days gone by. In the Nevada Appeal, a columnist wrote "now we can go on 'winter break.'" On one local TV channel, the news reader started a clip by saying, "Mer..." and caught herself and reverted to the proper holidays.

Who is behind all this anyway, and why? Ah, we know, but are afraid to say. Have a happy Easter. Oh, excuse me, happy spring break.

Longing for the time when political correctness was not in vogue.

Richard Kellogg


Stanch the spread of poisonous rhetoric

We have just seen violent political rhetoric turned into action. Make no mistake, it was poisonous, inflammatory talk, not political philosophy, that helped make six people dead. Jared Loughner wasn't some ideologue. He didn't even distinguish communism from Nazism. But he got the notion he could make the world better with a Glock. How did that happen?

Was it Jesse Kelly's campaign where he urged supporters to fire an M-16 to help unseat Gabrielle? Was it Sharron Angle's talk about Second Amendment remedies? Was it Sarah Pailin's hit list? Was it talk radio demonizing politicians? Surely all these poison our public discourse. But these are just the sources. Poisonous vitriol would not pervade society if the media didn't spread it, if advertisers didn't support it, and ultimately, if we didn't listen to it.

No legitimate political group needs to incite murder and mayhem to get their message across. Most of us are strong and sober enough to keep emotions from overrunning reason. But too many politicians speak hate and violence to appeal to emotions. Too often we don't apply sober judgment to causes and politicians we support. Six people are dead. This should never happen.

Our public square - newspapers, radio, television - is where this poison spreads. It's time to clean it up. If you hear someone on the radio suggesting violence, tune elsewhere. If you advertise where violence is preached, pull your ads. If your media outlet spreads this poison, clean up your act.

Randy Carlson

Carson City

Leftists infect us with political correctness

Twain scholar McAvoy Layne supporting altering "Huckleberry Finn" is totally wrong. This is just one more attempt by the leftist minority at the total emasculation of the United States.

I found a great quote and I don't know who wrote it but it explains it perfectly.

"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

This is another turd that they are trying to force the rest of us to pick up.

Mark Gregory

Carson City

Commissioner took a stand against cronyism

Douglas County Commissioner Doug Johnson: I want to commend and thank you for your public stand taken on the replacement of three planning commissioners. I saw no reason to replace people who have been doing a good job, just because a commissioner or commissioners working as a group want to see new faces. If it is not broken, don't fix it.

The fact that you stood alone against the other commissioners demonstrates your integrity and also shows your good governance and willingness to stand up for what you know is right.

In my opinion, what the other four commissioners did reeked of old time good-old-boy politics. I am glad to see you are not part of that.

Keep up the good work.

Marshall Goldy


Columnist didn't see her own hypocrisy

Sue Morrow: Thank you for your contribution to reduce the vitriol in the rhetoric in today's political climate by referring to Sarah Palin as "presidential wannabee and half-governor" and to Sharron Angle as "Republican whack-job and perpetual candidate."

These references by you seem to be a classic case of not seeing yourself as others do. At the very least, it shows your high degree of intellectual dishonesty. To summarize, it is hard to have a warm and fuzzy discussion with someone who instantly leaves the arena of ideas to impinge the other's character.

I think "whack" is a mob reference for killing someone.

Walter C. Bickett

Carson City

Where was liberal outrage after Fort Hood?

President Obama called for a moment of silence to honor the victims of the Arizona massacre. This act of compassion by our president was a unifying and proper response that we as American citizens expect from our leader as we all grieve for the senseless loss of life and injuries at the hands of a lunatic.

The perpetrator should be swiftly brought to justice, tried and punished for his heinous acts of violence. The reaction to this event by the leftwing blogosphere, many mainstream newspapers and liberal commentators was to immediately politicize this tragedy by placing the blame on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. This is nothing more than a blatant, shameful attempt by progressives to shut down political discourse and conservative talk radio.

This is in contrast to the political reaction after the Fort Hood shootings in 2009 when a radical Muslim terrorist killed 13 and injured 31 others while screaming, "God is great" in Arabic. We were urged by the Obama administration at that time not to jump to conclusions about the terrorist motives and let the Army do its investigation. It became quickly obvious that the perpetrator was indeed a radical Muslim with ties to terrorist organizations.

The investigation into this event has largely remained under the radar and the same progressives have been largely silent. American citizens still wait for the moment of silence from Obama to honor the victims of that tragic massacre perpetrated on innocent Americans.

Bill Johnston

Carson City

Remembrances of golden days gone by

My little town of Carson is gone. Gone are the days of the herds of cattle grazing on the grasses, only to be replaced by herds of homeless begging in Safeway's parking lot.

Gone are all the colors of flowers growing at every corner, only to be replaced by graffiti of local wanna-be gangs.

Gone are the days of news boxes on every corner to buy my newspapers, only to be replaced with shopping carts from people too lazy to carry their groceries.

Gone are the days of a driver's wave just to say "hello," only to be replaced by the one-finger salute.

Gone are the days of a conversation with a stranger while in line at the store, only to be replaced by them ignoring their fellow man, because of their non-stop cell conversations.

So I ask you, is it too late to get back the Carson City that I fell in love with?

Those were the days of walking my dog without tripping over trash in the streets, the days of hearing a lone bird sing out to find its mate on a hot summer night, the days when a loud car radio was only being played during a special news announcement, the days when I'd go out of state and meet people who visited Carson City and replied, "I like Carson, it's a friendly place."

I hope not, because if Carson becomes the biggest little city's little brother down south, it's time to move.

Don Jackson

Carson City

Bear, lion hunting in Nevada: Keep it a fair fight

As long as some people in Nevada feel the need to kill two of our state's treasures, bear and mountain lion, I strongly urge the Wildlife Commission to consider one thing in the upcoming rules and regulations meeting in February: Eliminate hounds from bear and lion hunts. If you're going to hunt, hunt. Show some tracking skills, move around, wait ... instead of making it look like an old English fox hunt. Give the animal a chance. Protect the population so you can hunt in the future. I think if the above-mentioned were put into place, people on both sides of the fence would sleep a little easier.

Fishing in some places has stringent rules: catch and release, barbless hooks, certain baits outlawed; why can't hunting?

To all hunters, fisherman and campers, I share your passion for the outdoors. Please don't leave burned out bottles and cans in fire pits. Leaving junk lying around is a main reason private landowners don't want you there. Incidentally, don't forget your entrails and carcasses.

Robert J. Satter Jr.

Carson City

Exercise gear an unnecessary extravagance

I read the article about the Legislature exercise equipment. That's some bad timing, don't you think, with the budget shortfall and all?

Besides, Mr. Oceguera, aren't you a firemen in your other job? You're supposed to already be in shape.

Here I am a state worker trying to raise a family, and taking furlough days, and getting my benefits cut in July, and another pay cut on top of all that.

I think your priorities are all wrong, sir.

Mike Berg


Wasting taxpayer money on workout machines

Regarding the exercise equipment installed in the state Legislature. Assembly Speaker John Oceguera, D-Las Vegas, like most politicians, must think that the $30,000 spent was his money. Perhaps someone should educate him on the fact that it was taxpayer money.

Aren't we still running a deficit in this state? Perhaps Mr. Oceguera should use this money to help pay down our debt. I understand that Carson City has several gyms that offer passes for legislators. Some of them could use some trimming.

Tim Rowe

Carson City


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