Gardnerville antique shop robbed

A burglar broke into Cheshire Antiques in downtown Gardnerville early Tuesday, stealing sterling silver items worth an estimated $15,000, according to owner Karen Campbell.

The thief or thieves broke through a door that faces Highway 395 around 4 a.m., Campbell said Wednesday.

She said the security alarm sounded, but the perpetrator was gone by the time anyone arrived.

"They were so quick that they were in and out before anyone could make it down there," Campbell said. "Once inside, they went straight to the cabinet, where they busted it out and grabbed the sterling. They were so quick that they didn't even take all the sterling on the shelf. They grabbed what they could, and then they were out of there."

Reported stolen were approximately 20-25 silver goblets with 24-karat gold interiors, a 4- or 5-piece sterling silver tea set, and a 12- to 14-inch silver urn.

"These items are probably going to be melted down," she said. "They're not looking at their antique value. Silver has gone up so much."

Anyone with information about the crime should call Secret Witness at 782-7463. Calls to Secret Witness are anonymous.


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