Letters to the editor Jan. 21

Driver came close

to causing a disaster

To the lady in the dark green minivan driving westbound on College Parkway at 12:30 p.m.

Jan. 18, you owe your life and your child's life to the fact that one of us was paying attention.

I was following you in the right lane and saw you come to a complete stop for no apparent reason in a 40 mph zone, so I had my eye on you. As we approached Carson Street, you put your left blinker on, crossed two lanes into the left turn lane, then suddenly with no blinker, you crossed two lanes to the right into the 7-Eleven parking lot right in front of me.

As I stomped the brakes, I was headed directly for your child in the back seat, and I didn't miss you by more than a foot. If I had been driving my truck, I would not have been able to stop as quickly and would have punted all of you into traffic on Carson Street.

I can't imagine what was going on in your mind, but it was certainly not on your driving. You almost left me with the memory of killing your child for the rest of my life. Some people have no business holding a driver's license.

Robert Keith

Carson City

Democratic strategist originated bull's-eye imagery

This is in response to the comments by Sue Morrow on Jan. 11. In case you didn't know, Sarah Palin wasn't the originator of targets and bull's-eyes. That distinction belongs to Bob Bechel, Democratic strategist. Both parties have used this tactic for about 20 years.

Political rhetoric in this case starts at the top. Obama often refers to the conservatives as his enemies. Some of his favorite sayings are "Get in their face," "They (the Republicans) can come for the ride, but they got to sit in back," and "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."

Sharron Angle's comments about the Second Amendment aren't much different than those of the founding fathers concerning the remedies for a corrupt and abusive government.

The health care bill is a good example of corrupt and abusive government. We had a bill passed in the dark by people who didn't even read it. The only way it passed was by bribery - thank you Harry Reid.

The majority of the voters were against its passage. Would this meet the criteria set forth by the founding fathers for an honest and just government? You make the call.

Steven J. McGrath

Carson City


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