Bill would restore ability to evaluate sex offenders

The Senate Judiciary Committee has recommended passage of a bill to restore the parole board's ability to evaluate inmates who committed sex crimes in another state.

Board Chairman Connie Bisbee told the committee legal changes made in a previous session effectively blocked the board from ordering a psychological evaluation panel for inmates unless the sex crime they committed occurred in Nevada. She said they aren't able to order a psychological evaluation for inmates who are in Nevada's prison system for a non-sex offense but who have a prior history of sex offenses in another state.

"This would allow the board to look at these offenses and say, I think we need a psych panel," she said.

She told the committee without a psych-panel evaluation, the board can be put in the position of denying parole to an inmate who might otherwise be eligible. And without an evaluation, she said there is a possibility a potentially dangerous inmate could be released when he shouldn't be.

The committee voted unanimously to send Senate Bill 187 to the Senate floor with a "do pass" recommendation.


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