Man jailed in rape of two girls

A Carson City man jailed Tuesday morning is charged with raping two teenage girls.

Brandon Hicks, 18, was booked into the Carson City Jail at 6:12 a.m. on suspicion of one count of kidnapping, two counts of battery with intent to commit sexual assault by choking and three counts of sexual assault.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Carson City Justice Court, following a party on Oct. 17, Hicks allegedly drove an 18-year-old girl to an area by the Carson River claiming he was meeting a friend. Once there, Hicks choked and raped the girl, then drove her home.

"... Said defendant did grab (victim) by the shoulder and did shove the victim to ground, causing the victim to strike her head on the ground, and thereafter the defendant forced his forearm against the throat of the victim ... with the intent to commit sexual assault," the complaint states.

The following morning she told her parents and the assault was reported to police.

The complaint alleges that on Nov. 26, a second girl came forward to report that Hicks choked and raped her earlier that morning at his home on Surrey Lane which he shared with his father. The girl also claimed Hicks allegedly said he had a gun under the bed, according to the police report.

"The defendant did place both hands around the throat of (victim) and did apply pressure to her throat, impeding breathing and or/blood circulation with the intent to commit sexual assault upon the victim," the complaint states.

Hicks is being held on $200,000 bail.

A month after the last victim came forward, Hicks was involved in an unrelated shooting when he dropped off his friend John Linville, 17, at Linville's estranged girlfriend's home on Walker Drive. There, using knives and a gun Linville took from Hicks' home, Linville stabbed the girl in the back and shot at the girl's father. Hicks, who was waiting in his car, fled the scene. Linville also fled, and surrendered to police at Hicks' home a few days later.

According to court documents, during the search for the shooter, police took Hicks' phone in an attempt to track down Linville.

Following Linville's arrest, Hicks demanded his phone back, according to the police report.

"If I don't get my phone back today, I am coming down there and you guys are going to have another Sunday to deal with and your little vests won't help you 'cause I aim for your head," the report states Hicks threatened.

Hicks pleaded guilty to intimidating a public officer and was given a suspended sentence of one year in jail and up to three years probation March 22.

On March 24 after DNA results came back, the rape complaint was filed against Hicks. A warrant for his arrest was issued March 25.

Anyone with information in this case is asked to call Detective Dena Lacy at 887-2020 ext. 41405.


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