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Ayako's Dance Studio is presenting "Dance ~ A Timeless Celebration" at 7 p.m. Friday at the Carson City Community Center, Bob Boldrick Theater, 851 E. William St.

The studio will also present a performance for school groups at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

The show will dance through history starting in the 1800s and progressing through 200 years of good times and bad times and how those times are reflected in dance.

"We're trying something new," said Ayako Britt, artistic director and owner of the dance studio. "We'll have projections on the stage on whatever relates to that number" such as Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain," before the students perform that number.

The show starts with a modern slavery dance, "Wade in the Water," then moves on to the "Civil War," which is accompanied by Bethany Giurlani playing the violin. The classic ballet "Paquita" with 30 dancers demonstrates the time period when Europeans brought ballet to America. The underground clubs of prohibition are also portrayed in dance.

Act 2 opens with musicals from the 1950s, with the little girls dancing in Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock."

"For the 2000s we get into the hip-hop numbers," Britt said, "and the end is a big finale that ventures into the future with 'Star Wars.'"

Grandmother and granddaughter duo, Gayle Russ and Juliet Favero, narrate the show with an explanation of the history being portrayed.

"Dance ~ A Timeless Celebration" was compiled and choreographed by the studio staff and named through a contest among the students, won by Hannah and Julia Kaiser.

The Pinkerton Ballet Theatre, a non-profit organization, is sponsoring the performances and, as part of its outreach program, offers opportunities such as this for children to attend at no cost.

Cost for the 7 p.m. public performance is $10 adults and $6 seniors and children ages 10 and younger. The performance for schools is free.

For more information, call 882-2916.


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