Supremes decision shatters Sandoval budget

Gov. Brian Sandoval's staff says the total impact of hte Supreme Court Decision could be as much has $656,8 million.

In a midnight press conference, Sandoval aides said the high court ruling that the state can't take the $62 million in funds collected by the Clean Water Coalition can't be swept into the state general fund.

But the language of the court ruling was much broader. As as result, the governor's top advisers said late Thursday, the budget may not be able to include the 9 cents property tax sweep from Clark and Washoe counties, the bond reserve revenues from those same counties, and the estimated $225 million from the room tax revenues under Initiative Petition 1.

Altogether, director of Administration Andrew Clinger said the budget hole could be as large as $658.8 million.

How Sandoval will deal with that shortfall will be revealted this morning when he spells out his budget amendment for lawmakers and the state.


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