Eagle Valley secretary named district's best

CourtesyKathy Rose-Monet named Classified Employee of the Year.

CourtesyKathy Rose-Monet named Classified Employee of the Year.

Kathy Rose-Monet compares working at a middle school to being in "Middle Earth."

"It's a strange in-between," she said. "The students are trying to figure out, 'Am I grown or am I little?'"

But she wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's an amazing time for growth and change for children," she said. "It's the most difficult but the most rewarding."

Rose-Monet came to the Carson City School District 28 years ago, working in accounting. She has since worked in front office positions at Fritsch Elementary School, Student Support Services and Eagle Valley Middle School.

Last week, she was named the school district's Classified Employee of the Year.

"I was just flabbergasted when I was chosen," said Rose-Monet, administrative secretary at Eagle Valley Middle School. "We have such wonderful classified employees."

She was selected from among top employees selected at each site throughout the district. After one-on-one interviews, each of the employees was introduced at the May 17 school board meeting.

"I was very humbled and honored when I heard their stories," she said. "I thought, 'Oh my gosh, these people are grand.'"

The district's classified employees are all those who are not teachers or administrators. They range from bus drivers to cafeteria workers and custodians to office workers and teacher's aides.

As Rose-Monet pointed out, they are often the first ones to greet students as they get on the bus in the morning and wave them good-bye as they leave. Classified employees are often the first ones parents see as well when visiting a school.

"I have never seen a bunch of more dedicated people than the classified employees," she said. "Children are fed, tended and assisted by them."

In her current position, Rose-Monet does the school's payroll, accounting and purchasing, in addition to taking care of the teachers' and principal's appointments.

Then there are times when students are rushed to the office with a nose bleed or other emergency.

"You just stop everything and take care of that," she explained.

That's part of what makes her job interesting.

"There's never a day that's ever the same as the day before, especially at a junior high," she said. "It's wild. It's great."

She raised two children with her husband, Bill, who delivers mail for the school district. When she's not at work, she's consumed in her art, particularly water colors, and she's recently picked up quilting.

She said the teachers and administrators at the school make her job fulfilling, and being with the children makes it fun, especially as she helps coordinate the schools annual talent show.

"You get to see them become their own people," she said.

Deanne Peri, Human Resources Department, district office

Pam White, paraprofessional, Carson High School

Robert Ruiz, custodian, Carson High School

Kathy Rose-Monet, administrative secretary, Eagle Valley Middle School

Brenda Grigsley, paraprofessional, Bordewich-Bray Elementary School

Teri Teeter, cafeteria manager, Empire Elementary School

Kellie Chiazza, paraprofessional, Fremont Elementary School

Dale Wade, lead custodian, Fritsch Elementary School

Robyn Christl, paraprofessional, Mark Twain Elementary School

Kelly Bradley, paraprofessional, Seeliger Elementary School

Christy Telling, paraprofessional, Student Support Services

Jill Council, distance education coordinator, Pioneer/Opportunity High School

Amy Pauly, bus driver, transportation department

Paul Bigler, senior groundskeeper, operations department


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