Teen held after marijuana cookies sicken 4 classmates

A 15-year-old Carson High sophomore was arrested Thursday after four classmates became sick from a marijuana-laced cookie she'd allegedly given them.

The students went to the school nurse just after 1 p.m., complaining of illness, said sheriff's Deputy Jessica Rivera.

"One girl thought she was having an allergic reaction to peanuts and her throat was closing," said Rivera. The nurse was preparingto give her an ephedrine injection to combat the reaction, Riversa said, "when the girl admitted she'd eaten the cookie."

Rivera said another student could barely speak, and two others were "extremely high."

The youths all admitted they knew the cookie contained marijuana, said Rivera.

One of the students said he'd discarded a bag that held the cookie in a trash can, and a drug-sniffing dog from the Sheriff's Department found the bag.

When Rivera questioned the girl who allegedly brought the cookies, she said one of the victims had been asking to smoke marijuana but the provider didn't want to be "obvious" and bring marijuana to school, so she made the cookies.

The girl said she made four cookies and the sick students split one, but Rivera never recovered the uneaten remainder. The girl also said she buys marijuana from a classmate, but in this instance she stole the marijuana from a student at another school.

She was arrested on suspicion of a felony charge of transferring a controlled substance on school grounds.

This is the third drug arrest at Carson High School in recent weeks.

On Oct. 19, Rivera arrested a student for selling his ADHD medication, and on Oct. 25 she arrested a 17-year-old for felony possession of a controlled substance.


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