Winning outhouse racers are on a roll

The results are in for the weekend's 2011 Virginia City Outhouse Races.

Sixteen teams entered the field to race in a blind-draw double elimination tournament that resulted in last years' defending champion, #21 "Classic Crapper" taking the Grand Champion prize for the second year in a row. There's a team that's flush with success.

Following is a list of teams and members (two pushers and 1 driver make up a team):

#00 "The Brown Bomber" (Joe Harrington from Dayton)

#3 "The Comstock Load" (Kenny Birdsong from Sun Valley)

#7 "The Urinator" (Ole Tyme Saloon and Nik & Willie's Pizza - Joe Rooney)

#8 "Breaking Wind" (KOLO 8 News Now - Lauren Garber and Ky Plaskon)

#11 "The Flapper Crappers" (Penny Morris from Silver Springs)

#13 "The Haunted Outhouse" (Matt Tilley from Dayton)

#21 "The Classic Crapper" (Ole Tyme Saloon, Joe Rooney)

#44 "Commando Comode" (Jason Merlis from Sun Valley)

#50 "The P.P. Hut" (Marvin Mattson from Reno)

#54 "Turd Squeezer" (Jason Merlis from Sun Valley)

#57 "Runaway Bride" (sponsored by The Silver Queen Hotel and Wedding Chapel and Virginia City Baked Goods)

#68 "Trailer Trash" (David Shumway of Sun Valley)

#69 "Rubber Runners" (Lance Gilman, owner of The Mustang Ranch)

#88 "Port-A-Party" (Adam Hall from Pine Grove, Calif.)

#96 "Alice in Potty Land" (Alice @ 96.5FM Radio)

#99 "The Party Poopers" (Filthy Phil and the All Crap Racing Team from Rough & Ready, Calif.)

The #21 Classic Crapper team never lost a race and won handily throughout Day One of the competition to make it to the finals bracket. Then the members had to wait it out Sunday to see who they would race against, as the teams that fell into the losers bracket on Saturday fought their way back on Day Two, eliminating each other one by one. Only #50 "P.P. Hut" was left standing at the end of the day. The final race was then between #50 and #21. Since it was a double elimination tournament, the #50 would have to beat the #21 twice in order to win overall, but the #21 won their race easily and collected the $300 prize purse and a real wooden toilet seat, engraved with the event logo, date and event name on it, as their trophy.

Here are the results from the category winners:

1st Place in the Classic Class: #21 "Classic Crapper" ($100 prize and trophy)

2nd Place in the Classic Class: #11 "Flapper Crappers" ($50 prize and trophy)

1st Place in the Modern Division: #50 "P.P. Hut" ($100 prize and trophy)

2nd Place in the Modern Division: #7 "The Urinator ($50 prize and trophy)

The People's Choice award for Prettiest Outhouse went to #11 "The Flapper Crappers" for the fourth year in a row. The award for Most Unusual Outhouse went to #13 "The Haunted Outhouse." The award for Most Traditional Outhouse went to #99 "The Party Poopers."


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