Business Licenses

The following business licenses were filed in Carson City between Aug. 22-Sept. 2:

A Briteway Cleaning, Carson City, Steven Skonard, owner, 775-461-0409

Advanced Integrated Pest Management, out of town, California, Roseville Termite & Pest Control, owner, 800-655-3993

ARF Corp, Carson City, 775-885-9832

Bodines Sports Book, Carson City, 702-796-7111

Bridger Mountain Trading Co, Carson City, Colleen Hillman, owner, 775-883-9155

Campbell Mediations, Carson City, David Campbell, owner, 775-225-4252

Carson Tahoe Physician Hospital, Carson City, 775-445-8862

Classic Thunder Road, Carson City, Classic Automotive Specialties, owner, 775-883-7904

Consolidated Assets Group LLC, Carson City, 775-888-1349

D.S. Olson Saddlery, Carson City, Donald Olson, owner, 775-720-3119

Cynthia June Dobson Independent Contractor, out of town, Dayton, Cynthia June Dobson, owner, 775-691-7167

Emerald Realty Inc, out of town, Stateline, 775-588-6001

Josephine Gallegos Independent Contractor, out of town, Dayton, Josephine Gallegos, owner, 775-980-9032

Global Defense Electronics, Carson City, Millennium Integrated Service, owner, 866-613-6900

Kriibi Heigo, Carson City, Kriibi Heigo, owner, 775-291-3930

J-N-R Construction LLC, out of town, Fallon, 775-217-6126

JSC Painting Inc, out of town, Reno, 775-323-4487

Juan's Mexican Grill, CarsonCity, Juan Salazar, owner, 775-882-9944

KB Companies, Carson City, Kristan Gilpatrick, owner, 775-230-4564

Kiddotherapy LLC, Carson City, 513-309-3905

Kinze LLC, Carson City, 775-671-1950

MA Sannes LLC, Carson City, 775-720-5677

Robyn Mazy Childcare, Carson City, Robyn Mazy, owner, 775-220-4484

Mobility Sales LLC, Carson City, 775-884-9024

NCO Financial Systems Inc, out of town, Pennsylvania, NCO Group Inc, owner, 215-441-3000

Pro Clean Maintenance Inc, out of town, Reno, 775-329-0331

Quilici Construction Company, out of town, Reno, 775-852-4928

T & M Services LLC, out of town, Reno, 775-287-1105

The Yellow Ribbon Cafe, Carson City, Stacia Holzhausen, owner, 775-884-8406

Useful Skills LLC, Carson City, 775-828-3710

Barbara Van Hise Independent Contractor, Carson City, Barbara Van Hise, owner, 775-461-3480

Volante Motors, Carson City, Juan L Garcia, owner, 775-219-3081

Wreckless Designs, Carson City, Alexander Joseph Gutierrez, owner, 775-287-0222

The following business licenses were filed in Carson City between Sept. 5-Sept. 9:

AAG Investments LLC, Carson City, 775-888-1379

Blast Cap Technologies LLC, Carson City, 775-888-1376

Carson City Harley Davidson, Carson City, 775-882-7433

Dagger Racing Engines, Carson City, Shannon Kelley, owner, 775-240-0585

Laura Fitzsimmons PC, Carson City, Laura Fitzsimmons, owner, 775-841-3000

Grimes Communications, Carson City, Castle Grimes, owner, 775-220-5031

Holistic How To, Carson City, Jennifer Jones, owner, 775-722-7474

John's Lock & Safe, Carson City, John E Heyer, owner, 775-315-1253

M & M Cleaning Services, out of town, Reno, Michael Marroquin, owner, 775-338-0845

Maxim Investigations, Carson City, 775-339-1155

Nevada Delta Mechanical Inc, out of town, Arizona, Delta Mechanical, owner, 866-692-5273

Jessica Rubio Independent Contractor, Carson City, Jessica Rubio, owner, 775-223-8461

Southland Mechanical Services, out of town, Sparks, 775-329-3991

Spirit Halloween Superstore, Carson City, KACHalloween Sales, 559-431-1234

Sushi Delight, Carson City, Lituan Lin, owner, 775-881-8771

Tahoe Dive Center, Carson City, 775-884-3483

Jacy Tetirick Childcare, Carson City, Jacy Tetirick, owner, 775-460-0065

Thurman-Ator's Soft Plastic Bait, Guy Thurman, owner, 775-722-4205

West Coast Asphalt Maintenance, out of town, Reno, 775-852-3101


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