Bob Thomas: Cain is able as a potential president

"A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman, the next generation." - James Clarke

For the past few months I've been trying to figure out why Bill Clinton has been romancing Barack Obama. By all rights these two should hate each other. Obama stole the presidency from Hillary, and we all know she wants to be president more than life itself.

I'm sure Clinton's concern for Obama's well-being is related to a quid pro quo of some kind. And this, coupled with rumors about Obama's court jester, Joe Biden, not running for re-election, gives me chills putting two and two together. I hope I'm wrong.

We all know that Obama's presidency is in great trouble. It's obvious, based upon pure ability and experience, that any one of the Republican candidates would do a far better job than has Obama. And we also know that Obama's monumental narcissism will never permit him to drop out of running for a second term, which would pave the way for Hillary, even though he is being quietly pressured to do so.

However, should he get smart and replace Biden with Hillary, we would then have a new ballgame. Sure, Obama hates Hillary, but that old saying about keeping your enemies as close as possible so you know what they're doing holds truer now than ever. This would delight Bill because Hilary as VP would only have to wait four years for her sure shot at the Democrat nomination. She would be about the same age as was Ronald Regan when he was nominated.

This double dose of liberalism is a nightmare and is a distinct probability - not possibility, probability. Neither Obama nor Hillary could individually be elected to the presidency this time around but as a team, bringing the diehard Hillary supporters back into the fold would be a master stroke. His far-left base wouldn't like it but they aren't about to defect.

Now, shifting gears, let's look at my first choice for the Republican nomination, and then president: I am a registered independent but I will support whichever Republican wins the primary. In selecting my preferred candidate, I assure you it isn't a popularity contest. It is based upon his proven abilities in the critical areas our country needs at this time.

The following is his brief resume: He has a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a master's degree in computer science, and he was a mathematician for the Navy working on missile ballistics, a computer systems analyst for Coca-Cola, and VP of Data Systems and Services for Pillsbury. In data systems, this is the pinnacle.

He was general manager for Pillsbury's 400 Burger King restaurants in Philadelphia, and he was CEO for Pillsbury's Godfather's Pizza chain. He later bought Godfather's from Pillsbury and became the owner. He was also chairman of the National Restaurant Association, an adviser to the Federal Reserve system, chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, a radio host, public speaker and author. His books include: "Speak as a Leader," "CEO of Self," "Leadership is Common Sense," and "They Think You're Stupid." This man is Herman Cain.

If we could elect Herman Cain president, and if he would choose Newt Gingrich for VP, we would have the bases covered. Cain has the job-creating and management leadership experience that Newt doesn't, and Newt has the congressional leadership and back-room political experience that Herman doesn't - a most dynamic duo. If Newt can't jerk a knot in Congress's tail and coerce them into living within their means, nobody can.

Yes, Herman and Newt can defeat Barack and Hillary in the 2012 presidential election. No doubt about it. What a joy to be able to vote for a black man who is a producer, not a taker.

Please vet your favorite candidate as thoroughly as my resources have done with Herman Cain. Use Google, or whatever, and learn all you can, proving or disproving whether or not he or she has the right stuff for our time. Remember, this isn't a popularity contest.

• Bob Thomas was the founder and CEO of a division of Emerson Process, a Fortune 500 company. He later served on the Carson City School Board and the Nevada State Welfare Board and as a state assemblyman. He also founded and served on the Carson City Airport Authority. He recently authored his new book, "Creating A World Class Company" (Amazon)


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