Carson City resident recalls feelings of 9/11

My thoughts after hearing the song - "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning."

That Tuesday morning my girls rushed to school

With a wave as they ran out the door

I turned on the TV to Good Morning America

Didn't notice as my coffee hit the floor

As I stood there in shock thinking this must not be real

The screams and the flames how they grew

And then through the smoke a camera focused in

As a plane hit Tower #2

All my worst fears were filling the screen

I didn't know what I should do first

Then they announced that a plane had been hijacked

And now it was headed West

I felt I needed to gather my family

At this time we just couldn't be alone

What's that they just said on the news now?

A plane hit the Pentagon?

Now running in circles, "who do I call?"

Coffee still on the white carpet in my stress

Grab for my car keys to go get my girls

Realizing I'm not even dressed!

I run upstairs grabbing some sweats

Then grabbing the phone instead

I call Governor Guinn and beg for some answers

But these events have scared even him

He tells me the plane heading West is not near

And right now the schools will not be closed

He'll let Carson know if the events turn towards us

But right now "Only God knows"

I make the decision to go get my girls

And even put my dogs in the car

I call up my husband and tell him to come home

And I yell "I don't care if it's far!"

My fear has turned to anger

I want to watch but I can't stand any more

I say to my parents "We have to do something!"

But I just cry as I sit on the floor

With family around and some on the phone

We watch and we cry till were numb

We plan what we'll do if "they" come after us

Will we hide? Will we pull out the guns?

It's dark, we're exhausted and we realize together

If we stay scared then the terrorists have won

We turn off the TV and just like the song

We turn on "I Love Lucy" reruns

So we put our energies into some positive thoughts

How to gather and fight now with Love

We rally donations and go to give blood

And pray to the good Lord above

The President asks us to spend Friday night

Outside with a candle in hand

So the satellites can see us and show the whole world

We've been hit but America will Always Stand

It's now been 10 years since that horrific attack

And the damaged Eagle is still mending

But together we're strong with American Pride

And We'll Never Forget, Never Think of Surrendering!


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