Cheers & Kudos Sept. 18

Thanks to Walmart for donations

I work at the Carson Tahoe Reginonal Medical Center-Cancer Center. I am one of the oncolgy nurses. And I wanted to give a special thanks to the Walmart manager, Larry Lampkin for donating snacks to our patients that we treat here.

It's difficult for our patients to sit through hours of treatment and they will often be hungry or their family members watching over them will be hungry during the long hours. And because of the generosity of people like Larry they get to enjoy their choice of snacks and beverages. Even during these times when people are buckling down and no longer able to help out their community, he continues to keep assisting us. Thanks to Walmart and Larry for being such wonderful people.

Gini Fletcher RN

Carson City

Editor's note: The following letter was originally addressed to Bruce Breslow, director Nevada Motor Vehicle Department in Carson City. It is printed here at the writer's request.

DMV service commended

Dear Mr. Breslow,

I've recently had the need to use the services of your department on two occasions. On both of these occasions, I'v had prompt and courteous service rendered by the employees thereof. I would like to commend you, Ann and Rochelle for all the help given me. These ladies are not only courteous byut also have a sense of humor that I've enjoyed.


George Groth

Carson City

Betty Boop's hat left behind

We had a very successful yard sale the weekend of Aug 19-21, thanks to our ad in the Nevada Appeal. A very nice lady purchased my collectible Betty Boop Doll.

Unfortunately, she left without taking Betty's Yellow Hat with the red feather, that goes with the outfit. I am saving it for her. Please call me so you can stop by to pick it up. 775-883-1499.

Stephany Corral

Carson City


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