IHOP SHOOTING: Warrant receipt details items removed from Sencion home, vehicle

In addition to two weapons and ammunition recovered from IHOP shooter Eduardo Sencion's vehicle, police found dozens of rounds of ammunition, a bulletproof vest and a religious book containing a written annotation, "7/22/2012 End of," from his East Carson City home.

Carson City investigators this morning filed a list, called a "return," in Justice Court of the items removed from Sencion's home and from the minivan he parked outside the south Carson City restaurant moments before he began his deadly rampage that claimed the lives of four and injured seven.

Sencion, 32, also killed himself.

In the hours immediately following the 8:58 a.m. shooting, investigators served search warrants on the Truckee Drive home Sencion shared with his parents, his brother's home on Jodi Lane, Sencion's minivan and another vehicle registered to Sencion.

No items were removed from the brother's home or the second vehicle, said Carson City sheriff's Capt. Ken Sandage. But paperwork filed today indicates agents took 43 items from the Truckee Drive home. A shotgun, two BB guns, gun periodicals, and receipts for weapons and for gasoline that was purchased the day before the shooting. There were also gun parts, a medicine bottle labeled Metoprolol (a hypertension medication), five passports, two cellphones and videotapes related to guns.

From the minivan, police recovered a red and black bag containing 16 AK47 magazines with live rounds and a black gun case containing "one loaded magazine and (an) AK47," the papers state.

Also removed from the minivan was a Glock 9mm pistol, loaded Glock magazines, a notebook computer and a black purse. The contents of the purse, if any, were not detailed.


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