Walk for the Constitution offers chance to reflect on freedoms

Project Americans Coming Together will host a Walk for the Constitution Saturday at the old Kmart shopping center at Highway 395 and College Parkway in north Carson City.

PACT hopes to educate people on the original intent of the Constitution and the 28 principles it was founded upon, said Dianna Webb. PACT also hopes to initiate classes and seminars and activate like-minded people and groups to work together in support of the Constitution and its principles.

"The Constitution was signed on Sept. 17, 1787. Come celebrate this great document with Project Americans Coming Together," Webb said.

Cost to participate is a minimum of $10 which will help PACT support its goals.

After the walk, participants will have the opportunity to purchase food and meet with other conservative groups. Patriotic entertainment also will be provided and prizes awarded.

"We'll be walking up to the college and back," said PACT Chairwoman Janice Baldwin. "Even if people just have an hour to participate, it would be great. And if they want to walk only one way, we'll have a driver there to bring them back."

Along the walk, events will highlight the principles of the Constitution, oaths, historic figures and activities for the whole family.

"The Constitution is what helps us to enjoy our freedoms. For 80 years, the principles of the Constitution have slowly been changed by Congress and people," Baldwin said.

"We hope people will get a tender feeling for the sacrifices that the people made for the Constitution. And I would like families to come and take a moment to feel some of the blessings that this country has to offer by providing our freedom - with an emphasis on freedom," she said.

Registration is from 8-9 a.m., and pre-registration is available at www.projectamericans.com.


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