AARP offers free safe driving course to veterans

During the month of November, AARP is offering free classroom safe driving courses in Nevada and across the country to recognize veterans as well as current military personnel for their service. Military personnel of all ages and spouses with military identification are eligible to take AARP's Driver Safety Program free of charge throughout the month. The course normally costs $14 for nonmembers and $12 for members.

Whether you're active duty, retired, guard, or reserve-you're eligible for this free, four-hour course which provides strategies for driving safely. From how to minimize the effects of dangerous blind spots to maintaining the proper following distance behind another car-our instructors will help you remember the rules of the road so that you can drive with more confidence.

With classes offered in many communities throughout Nevada, non-active duty veterans should find a class that's conveniently located. Classes are limited in size; however, so those interested should call early to find a class that fits their needs.

Once you sign up, please bring your valid military identification to the classroom. We'll accept military ID, discharge papers (DD Form 214), American Legion cards, dependent ID cards or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) cards.

All participating veterans will be asked to complete a Veteran Participation Form as part of the course, which will be provided on site by the instructor.

To locate a Driver Safety course near you, visit or call 1-888-227-7669 (AARP NOW).


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