Letters to the Editor Sept. 27

Democrats have suddenly discovered the word "compromise." They want Republicans to compromise their values to grant the Democrats their socialistic goals.

Where was the compromise when they forced Obamacare on us? Where was the compromise when both Reid and Marshall said, "My way or the highway?" Where was the compromise when Obama appointed 31 czars without congressional approval or oversight? Where was the compromise when the Republicans called for the adoption of a budget? Where is the compromise within Obama's new regurgitated stimulus - tax increase - bill?

The Democrats view compromise as a one-way street - their way.

Democrats want the Republicans to give up their principles by caving in to the Democrats' liberal plans. Can you please tell me what is wrong with standing up for your principles?

Stuart Posselt


On behalf of the 2,800 youth members, Board of Directors and staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada, I thank the nearly 500 people who attended and made our Annual Auction and BBQ a tremendous success. In this horrid economy - where we serve more kids, and fewer parents are able to pay even the small summer weekly fee - the community stepped up in a HUGE way and made our event even more successful than we thought possible.

We will be running a "Thank you" ad to thank our major sponsors and some of the awesome

volunteers who made this possible, but it really did take the "village" to make this happen. We never take any support for granted, so we are humbled and very appreciative of the generosity that we received and continue to receive.

There are great things happening in our community. There is a safe and productive place for our youth to go after school. Thanks for allowing us to provide this place.

Hal Hansen

Chief Professional Officer

Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada

I am disappointed that in the same week there were news reports about the positive impact national monuments have on local economies, Sen. Dean Heller introduced legislation to gut a president's ability to protect our public lands. 

Since 1906, the Antiquities Act has been used by 15 presidents of both parties - from Theodore Roosevelt to George W. Bush - to protect some of our most beloved places across the U.S., including the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty.

Experience has demonstrated the wisdom of giving presidents this authority. More than 30 out of 130 national monuments established under the Antiquities Act were later re-designated by Congress as national parks to ensure the strongest possible protection for posterity.

National parks and monuments benefit local economies by supporting hunting, hiking and other outdoor recreation, which contribute nearly $2 billion to Nevada's economy and support 20,000 jobs in our state. Nevadans do have input and involvement in how national monuments in our state are managed.

Since we have some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth right here in the Silver State, by protecting our land and water, we can make sure that we are able to pass them on to our children and grandchildren. 

Rather than trying to dismantle the Antiquities Act, Sen. Heller, as a spokesman for the people of Nevada, should applaud its benefit to Nevada and to our country.

Marge Sill



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