Letters to the Editor Sept. 29

Sixteen-dollar muffins, $10 cookies and an $8 cup of coffee? Really?

I just read a contribution by Reuters to the Life section of msnbc.com reporting serious over-payments by the Department of Justice during a legal conference in 2009. The obvious irony that this was during a legal conference should not be lost on any of us.

But worse, according to the article:

A Justice Department spokeswoman said most of the gatherings were held when there were no strict limits on food and beverage costs, adding the DOJ had taken steps since 2009 to ensure that these problems do not occur again.

These sorts of blatant overcharges by the vendor and apparent collusion on the part of the personnel at DOJ who were in charge of this - and how many other conferences, meetings, etc - are beyond ridiculous, and frankly, should be illegal if not bordering on treasonous. Would the staffers organizing the events have been so cavalier about the pricing had they been footing the bill out of their own pockets?

When providing training or holding meetings with staff while I was working for the state of Nevada, we oftentimes provided the coffee and refreshments ourselves.

As for the continued waste by federal government employees, we have heard similar horror stories for far too many years. Why does nothing change unless or until someone gets called out for it? Everyone involved should be totally ashamed of themselves.

Linda Hoxsie

Carson City

I wish to apologize to Ronald Feldstein for being appalled and offended at the senior center when he was offered a free second cup of coffee by my sisters from the Carson City Women Democrats. I cannot believe he was sniveling because the ladies wore their Democratic T-shirts and that Joe, the announcer "announced for the third time that the coffee had been donated by the Democratic women." He even went so far as to accuse the city of "pushing the agenda" of a particular political persuasion. Really?

Social and political groups donate their time, resources and money for good causes all the time. It is a way to raise funds and network. Were my sisters from Eastern Star, Esther Chapter to offer the coffee, I doubt he'd whine if they were wearing their Masonic T-shirts. If I were offered a free cup of coffee by the Republicans of Carson City I'd gladly accept. And while I don't hold conservative beliefs, I'd appreciate the coffee and sincerely thank them for it.

Everyone has a cause or agenda, whether it's themselves, their children, church, school or political party, and giving away free food or drink is a great way to advertise it. Instead of complaining that Democrats gave you free coffee, you could gather the troops of your own political party and do the same thing. Serve free coffee or whatever you want and wear the T-shirt of your choice.

Robin Christy

Carson City

Female bears - how can one tell?

This whole bear hunt has been one wild abomination, and I feel I need to get my two cents in.

A newspaper article quoted Mr. Healy as saying the bears have never been tagged or identified as garbage bears. The hunters are staying in wild areas and the bears which have been taken are all wild bears. You want to make sure you don't take too many females.

Well, you tell me how a human armed with a rifle and potentially a pack of dogs can determine the sex of even a wild bear? How about any cubs left after taking out the bear?

Wild bears living and minding their own business out in the wilderness being terrorized and killed, that's a noble thing? What about the problem bears which aren't targets because they're smart and causing humans grief?

Lastly, I attended the Douglas County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife meeting on Aug. 9 in Minden. It was a nice group of people, but I was appalled to realize that it's true. Matters concerning wildlife issues in Nevada are determined by the few and not by a democratic process reflecting the will of actual Nevada residents such as myself.

It's a trophy slaughter pure and simple. No one even eats bear meat these days, but hey, it gives a big job to taxidermists.

What's right and wrong with this whole wild situation? It's just plain wrong.

Nancy Wittman



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