Past Pages Oct. 2

130 years ago

Mr. Spotted Tail was a great wit. During a trip he was shown through the jails of Washington, D.C. Captain Lee commented about keeping one's word: "There's no such thing as an honest man," said the Captain. "There used to be once. We could tell honest men because they had hair growing in the palm of their right hand." Spotted Tail stepped up to him and shaking hands with him said: "I used to have a great big bunch of hair in the palm of my hand, but it has all been worn off by shaking hands with the whites."

100 years ago

Dr. Lee has been busy raising money to cover the open sewer on the north side of the Episcopal Church. At a meeting of the city dads tomorrow evening permission will be granted to cover the ditch. It is one of the best moves that has been carried out in many moons.

70 years ago

President Roosevelt invited the members of the senate foreign relations committee to the White House to view the oil portrait of the late senator Key Pittman, chairman. The meeting was non-political, but it was the first meeting between the president and the committee in several months.

50 years ago

(Advertisement) $1,650 down payment. Built-in range and oven. Wall-to-wall carpeting. Indirect lighting. $13,700 full price. William E. Dial Realtor.

20 years ago

Fallon farmers are surviving a skimpy growing season after five years of drought. Allocations are down to half of normal and results were far from impressive.

10 years ago

About 100 people lit candles for domestic violence victims on Monday as Gov. Kenny Guinn and Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa urged businesses, public agencies and worker's groups to do more to prevent domestic violence.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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