Carson will get to play Reed at home after all

Carson High football coach Blair Roman confirmed that Carson's homecoming game against Reed will stay at Carson.

There was a mistake made by the scheduler whereas both teams were assigned a home game. Had Carson lost that home game, the Senators would have been on the road for five straight games.

"I just found out today," Roman said after his morning practice. "Somebody at Reed had to agree, and I think it may have been their head coach (Ernie Howren)."

The homecoming game is Friday Sept. 21 at 7 p.m.


What was previously known as 4A in the NIAA, will now be known as Division I, and what was formally known as 3A, will now be known as Division 1A.

Division I football in the North will go back to two leagues, High Desert and Sierra. There will be six teams in the High Desert and five in the Sierra.

Four teams from each league will make the playoffs, and I already see issues. Only one team in the Sierra League won't make the playoffs, and I see the fourth place team, and maybe the third, with a losing league record. Again, the football coaches and NIAA will be rewarding mediocrity.

I think the max that should go is three teams from each side with the league regular-season champs getting a first-round bye.

Roman likes the new set-up because there will be a champion in each league instead of co-champs in an 11-team league which happened because not everybody played each other during the regular season.

In Division 1A, you will see four instead of six teams reaching the post-season, and that's a good thing.


Carson High has undergone a facelift to its coaching staffs this year.

Pat Caulfield replces Kevin Fallon as the boys tennis coach; Medhi Samii replaces Eric Masters as the boys soccer coach; and Greg Lehman replaces Randy Roser as girls soccer coach.

There will be a new softball coach, as Scott Vickrey announced his retirement last spring, and there are strong rumblings that Cody Farnworth will not be coming back as head baseball coach.


A belated kudos to Carson City's Leslie Wunder, who recently completed a 100-mile run in 27 hours.

The 50-year-old Wunder is a physical therapist for Carson Tahoe Hospital.


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