Sam Bauman: Medicare costs not going up

Last week's column had an item in it about hidden increasing premium cost projections in Medicare zooming suddenly to $245 a month from around $98. I was not able to verify that staggeringly sudden leap in Medicare insurance premiums, but since the item came for a reputable local politician I included it with the advisory that I had not been able to verify it. I wasn't searching enough as plenty of readers came up with the answer.

I heard from those readers quickly - that it was false, and projections for Medicare premiums would increase gradually during the years, but nothing like the politician suggested. The pol was just forwarding something that agreed with his position and maybe can't be blamed for accepting it at face value. So that's enough on Medicare and Medicaid Affordable Care Act until the proposed Aug. 25 discussion in Carson City of the law by concerned groups. More on that when it firms up. If those of us who find things on the Internet that they find alarming, it would be well if they would check around a bit before forwarding such possibly erroneous material. Even if it agrees with one's preferences.

Hiking in the shade right down town

Yes, the weather outside is frightful - 100 degrees and plus. But if the usual hiking trails for seniors are a little too warm for comfort, consider a gentle venue right in the heart of town. You probably drive by it regularly - the state Capitol grounds and the adjoining Legislative area.

Lots of trees, nice and flat, and hundreds of flowers your taxes pay for, so enjoy. Many benches and in the back you'll get a view of the Capitol building you probably never saw. And you can always drop in on the building itself, see the old Legislature chamber and all the governors' portraits from the past. Maybe if the governor is in, you can drop in.

Before I moved to Carson City I stopped in at the building and the governor's office. Bob Miller was the incumbent then and he welcomed me and spent five minutes or more extolling the city/county's virtues. Didn't ask for a vote.

Walk the grounds, but don't pick the flowers. Leave them for the next senior or junior who wants a pleasant stroll.

Old times in a magazine

Stumbled across a magazine the other day that I think many seniors, left or right, would enjoy. Titled Reminisce, it looks back to earlier American times with photos, stories and advice. Opening photo in the November 2011 issue was of an Armistice Day parade, with flags, old cars, old flags. Lots of old postcards, farm scenes, an article on Bond clothes - "Worn by more men than any other." Plus ads of World War II of P-38s built by Cadillac, Kelly tires and other bygone products. Recipes, mostly of them the from-scratch type. I found my copy at the Carson Senior Center, but you can order it from Reiman Media Group, 5400 E. 60th St., Greendale, WI., 53129.

Speaking of old movies ...

Today's films are loaded with those spectacular special effects generated by computer generated images companies. Think of what the burning of Atlanta in "Gone With the Wind" could have looked like with those imaginary images. With that in mind I checked out a DVD of "Ben Hur" from the library. Only one disc so I couldn't see the whole thing and missed the wild chariot race with Charleton Heston on the reins. But it was moviemaking in the old style, languid, as sexy as a bagle and stereotyped. Heston looked gaunt but the thing had a sort of sepia-tone feeling, despite the Technicolor. And in the more modern vein, check out "When Sally Met Harry" (or is it the other way around?) at the Library. Meg Ryan is a pure delight, and while neither she nor Billy Crystal age noticeably they can remind of us old times of old dates.

60 and still singing

Just found out that the classic musical "Singing in the Rain" with Gene Kelly doing just what the title suggests will be screened at the Fandango Galaxy Cineplex in Carson City Aug. 22 in a 60th anniversary celebration of the original release. Star is, of course, Kelly at his dancing best in the classic "singing in the rain" sequence. The movie is 60 years old but isn't showing any signs of aging. Time is 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $10.50. It's worth every penny to see that musical hailed as the best ever.

• Sam Bauman writes about senior affairs, among other things, for the Nevada Appeal.


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