Carson's Krupp feeling comfortable, confident

What a difference a year makes.

A year ago, Logan Krupp was learning the nuances of playing defensive end, and as can be expected for a first-year varsity player the results were mixed.

"I started the first game against Highland (Pocatello), and it was the first game I'd ever played at defensive end," remembers Krupp. "I had a lot to learn. The guy at Highland weighed 270, and I was only 180.

"I feel I got better as the season went on. I think I got more skilled. I mainly rotated with Patrick Hesse and Zach White."

His late-season play certainly caught the eye of coach Blair Roman.

"He was a 50-50 player the first half of the season," Roman said. "He'd play about half a game at defensive end. The last few games he really came on strong. He started the last two regular-season games.

"His experience is key. He's been through the battles. He had a great off-season. He worked his butt off. I'm expecting big things."

So is Krupp, who finished with 41 tackles last season. He's put on 10 pounds, has more confidence playing tight end, and with that he has a certain comfort level starting the season.

"I'm a lot more comfortable; more confident," said Krupp, who will start a defensive end tonight against Hug. "I just want to go out there and give it my all every Friday night.

"The biggest improvement is knowing the position; knowing what I'm supposed to do. I prefer defense. I want to go to college and play defense. One of the schools I've talked to sees me as a linebacker-type."

In the Senators' pressure scheme, Krupp still needs to play run first, but as soon as that tackle set up to pass block he'll set sail for the quarterback.

On offense, it's a much different picture. Krupp will start tonight's game at wide receiver even though he's probably more comfortable at running back. How many snaps he'll get as a wideout remains to be seen. Roman already has said wide receiver will be by committee.

Krupp doesn't have blazing speed, but Roman said it would be a mistake to underestimate him.

"I would not call him a jitterbug in terms of having exceptional speed," Roman said of Krupp. "He's gotten faster. He's consistently in the 4.6 range. We're a ball-control offense, so I don't mind possession receivers.

"He's 6-2 and 190. He's going to be tough to bring down. We'll look for openings to create mismatches against certain guys."

Krupp admits it's been learning on the job.

"I'm still getting used to be a wide receiver," the Carson senior said. "If they send me deep I can get by my guy. I know I'm starting (against Hug), but I don't know much I'll play out there. I'll play wherever coach Roman wants me to or where the team needs me."

Krupp was part of last year's regular-season championship squad, and he would like to experience that feeling this year.

"There is a lot of pressure on us," Krupp said. "We want to show that our senior class can do it too.

"We want to prove that we don't need Dylan (Sawyers), Chance (Quilling), Brock (Pradere) to win."


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