NEVADA APPEAL SPECIAL REPORT: Readers sound off on campaign issues

Staff Illustration/Adam Trumble

Staff Illustration/Adam Trumble

NOTE FROM NEVADA APPEAL NEWS EDITORS ADAM TRUMBLE AND JOHN R. KELLY: Three weeks ago, with the presidential campaign heating up, we asked our loyal readers to tell us which election issues are most important to their hearts and minds, i.e., those that really stoke passions and patriotism, hopes and fears. And we asked them to explain why. Like you, we were concerned by a lack of substantive discussion about the future of our country. At left, in the word cloud, are the most-cited keywords from our reader feedback heading into November. We asked for an open and civil discussion about the critical issues facing our nation, and once again, our readers didn't disappoint.


The economy, health care, immigration, national debt. All are important issues. I believe that the biggest issue is that both sides of the aisle in Congress must reach a means of compromise. The gridlock of "If you won't, I won't." must end. Without that, none of these major issues will ever be resolved. This applies to Democrats and Republicans equally.

Robert Hilderbrand

Carson City

I believe the issue is fairly simple. This will affect employment and the economy. If Nevada folks want to be on the dole and have the government take care of them then vote for Obama. If they want their freedom back, with jobs then choose Romney.

Tim Holdsworth

Carson City

The biggest issue facing our nation is the partisanship we have in Congress. If this issue is not fixed we can forget about health care, taxes, foreign affairs, a balanced budget or any other important issue. I am concerned that we will continue with a dysfunctional Congress and will end up in another recession. No person from either party will get my vote unless they state they will work with the opposing party whether in the minority or majority.

Riley Kerr

Carson City

All the major issues are important, but the most important issue is compromise - true compromise. The political parties have gone more to the right or left and get very little done in Congress. Have bills in congress done in a bipartisan manner. Our politicians should be looking at what's best for the majority of the people rather than their party interests. Until compromise happens, our country's problems will really not be solved.

George K. Beatie

Carson City

Our nation's real problems are: Failure to listen to the God upon Whom this nation was founded and disobeying His law. We promote abortions, homosexuality, illegal immigration; fail to verify presidential eligibility resulting in heinous destruction of all Constitutional religious rights (Obamacare), free speech rights, Second Amendment rights to bear arms, ignoring the first Natural Law (self-protection) and destroying the first right of all humanity. Results: Failing economy, natural disasters and eventual self-annihilation.

Mary Santomauro


The most important issue facing us is the very real possibility of total and complete extermination by suicidal governments armed with nuclear weapons. Every other issue is trivial in comparison. For the first time in history, any last-rate country that is willing to die for a cause can sneak a bomb under the Golden Gate (not even bothering to dock) and all hell will break loose.

Oscar W.Ford

Carson City

Questions for a Liberal: Why do you not think abortion isn't murder? Why do you think we are not spending ourselves into bankruptcy? Why do you not think Iran's ruler couldn't be another Hitler? Why shouldn't members of Congress take part in contributing to our Medicare System? Why all the exemption from these programs the Congress initiates and passes? If you are a Christian, what do you think Jesus would do? I'm a Conservative Christian.

Neil Powers

Carson City

My six ways to fix this country: Get rid of the electoral college, popular vote only; get rid of filibuster, simple majority vote only; replace income tax system with flat tax. If you buy a $10 or $10 million item same tax rate. If you donate to charity it's a donation not deduction; require a balanced budget or not collect tax; Congress learns to compromise or they resign; only allow election funds from the government.

Keith Fleck

Carson City

Economy, health care, social security and taxes.

William D. Tomany

Las Vegas

The most important issue is that all voters think and reason soundly. Read our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with the Bill of Rights. Listen carefully to our patriotic songs. Ask yourself: If I had to leave others in control of my family, should they be political or principled, dreamers or doers? What moral standards would they impose on my children and grandchildren? Pray for wisdom, light and guidance. Now vote.

Sharon Wooding

Carson City

Foreign policy: The issue is whether we are a nation of peace and humanitarian aid or a nation always too quick to pursue military actions. Why are 50,000 American troops still in Germany rather than 50,000 Peace Corps volunteers in Africa, the Middle East and other needy areas building schools, hospitals, roads and power facilities?

President Obama should earn his Nobel Peace Prize. Mr. Romney should say more that he did in Israel and Poland.

Bo Statham


It shall be hard to express my feelings of what President Obama has gotten us into in 75 words. However, if the health plan goes through it will take away our free rights as Americans. We shall be charged a tax. How dare he? Our economy is in the toilet and it will get worse if Obama is reelected. All you Americans out there don't vote just for voting. Look at the issues.

Alan Tomasino


The lack of action by our leaders, who focus more on towing their party line than what is best for the citizens. They do not seem to understand the term "compromise." Their focus is on employment ... their employment. The answer is simple yet nearly impossible: Term limits. Two terms at each office is adequate. That way they won't have to worry about serving their party, only about doing what is right. And reduce their benefits!

Hal Hansen

Carson City

The U.S. Congress is not qualified to manage our economy. Politics, the art of buying votes, always comes first in lieu of intelligent management. Year after year of compounded increases in the U.S. budget has brought our economy to the brink of the fiscal cliff. You see, compounding produces unsustainable exponential growth. To prevent economic collapse, Congress should convert our present economic system to a linear system as soon as possible.

Donald W. Cunningham

Carson City

If you want something "work for it." My dad told my that 80 years ago and I hold to it to this day. Unemployed contractors, painters, plumbers, etc. take the high school kids and teach them how to do it all. Schools, buildings, roads, sheds and sidewalks will all get fixed, young people will learn a trade, the trainers will be seen and they will wind up with jobs. Illegals: again, work for it. Have respect for yourselves. Each candidate should have an allotted amount of money to spend on their elections and that's it. If they can't make it, shows what kind of a president they would make. Can you imagine the help the veteran could have with some of this money? Watch out for China - think about it. Make it in the U.S. or don't use it.

Elda Louise Kerr

Virginia City

I am 65 years old and very concerned about what will happen to my Social Security and Medicare coverage. None of the candidates that want to disband it will tell who will be directly affected by their decision. We spent the whole school year in my history class In 1964 discussing the U.S. Constitution. She made a statement at the end of the school year that has always stayed with me and something to think about for this election: "As long as there is a middle class in America it will never become a socialist government."

Barbara Phelan

Carson City

Most of us are tired of the endless attack adds on TV. If these political fat cats were required to donate dollar for dollar to medical science projects seeking a cure for AIDS, cancer, and severe brain damage that our veterans are suffering then maybe they would think twice before spending so much money for mostly selfish reasons. Just a thought.

Bob Danahy

Carson City

The most important issue I have is employment, or lack thereof. To quote from your Aug. 12 paper: Romney declared that in the campaign to come, Republicans will present economic solutions "that are bold, specific and achievable. We offer our commitment to help create 12 million new jobs and to bring better take home pay to middle class families."

My questions: How, when and where? If no jobs come to Carson Valley, then we will all lose our houses and move out of state just to survive. What will Nevada do then? And will you care about Republicans?

Pam Russ


There is no greater threat to the future of our country than the size of our national debt. We cannot continue to spend, borrow and print money as if there is no tomorrow. It is irresponsible and reckless. For you nonbelievers, China has already hosted a conference with other countries to discuss which country's currency will replace the U.S. dollar as the world standard when the dollar collapses. The U.S. wasn't even invited.

Don Gurney

Carson City

I have concerns regarding the future of Medicare, of which I am currently on. Romney and Ryan both indicate that they will get rid of Medicare and create a new plan, but have not said what that plan will be. I cannot support this type of indifferent reasoning.

On the other hand, representatives of Obamacare have not stated how their plan will affect my status under the current Medicare program. If I do not get answers before the election my vote will go to none of the above.

James Cline


Why are both candidates ducking America's number one issue? Our recession is due to the massive amount of leveraged debt by consumers, financial institutions and government. No country in over 800 years has overcome such a financial crises except through either outright default or many years of fiscal discipline. So why do these candidates pretend to be "Mr. Fix-its" who can avoid our becoming another Japan by applying their ideological Band-Aids to our impending insolvency?

Eric Smith

Carson City

Voters may be selecting a candidate using incomplete information for complex problems. "Health care" is the prime example where the debate is sound bites about insurance. This is the wrong problem and the wrong solution. The real problem is the outrageously costly delivery system which only resolves symptoms. We should discuss why we are ill. There is no discussion about living healthy and well without medical intervention other than for external bodily injuries.

Michael L. Greedy

Carson City

Being a retired and disabled senior, I'm very worried about Obamacare. My fellow seniors need to look into Independent Payment Advisory Board, which decides if you get the care you need. They have the final say, no questions. The news for Aug. 14 has Obama removing $740 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare. He also pushed for the payroll tax cut, which funds these programs. I can't imagine this government being capable of managing our health care. History says no. The post office is broke, Amtrak, cash for clunkers, the Solyndra and Fast and Furious scandals, etc...

David Heiner

Carson City

Health care leaves a lot to be desired. Insurance is almost unaffordable, but now "they" want to fine people $1,000 for not having any? Makes no sense. How do they propose folks pay this money? Just lower the premiums to a livable amount on a sliding scale. Also, lower co-payments on prescriptions because they're out of hand. Too many elderly aren't eating properly because they have to choose food or prescriptions.

Elli Nielsen

Carson City


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