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Thank you for help achieving Eagle ScoutI would like to thank Mountain Springs Assisted Living Community for their help and encouragement during my Eagle Scout project of building concrete walkways and raised garden beds for the center. I learned so much.Thank you to the scouts and adults from Boy Scout Troop 341 and my neighbor Don Smit and family. Collectively, we spent 200 hundred hours across four weeks to complete the project.I would also like to recognize the following companies for their generous donations that made the project possible: 3D Concrete, Don Smit - Project One, Meeks, Home Depot, Full Circle Compost and Cinderlite.Community support from companies like these is what makes Carson a great place to live.Andrew UpdegroveLife Scout Troop 341Family grateful to hospital, first respondersMy aunt suffered a stroke on Nov. 20. We called 911 and the CC Care ambulance crew was there quickly and silently, as requested. The emergency personnel were efficient, compassionate and very professional.When we arrived at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, the emergency room nurses and doctors were quick to evaluate and take the necessary action. When my aunt was assigned a room, my mother and I were treated extremely well, even offered a food tray while we waited. During the next six days, she was cared for by outstanding nurses, certified nursing assistants and doctors. Her peace and comfort until the end was utmost in the action of the hospital staff. My family and I will always be grateful to all who assisted us during this sad time.Dawna ShaughnessyCarson City


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