Super Bowl bettors wager $94M

A total of $93.89 million was wagered on the Sunday's Super Bowl.

While that was the second-highest total amount wagered on the game in the past decade, the $5.06 million win was the third-lowest by the bookies in the past decade. The worst showing was in 2008 when - as on Sunday - the New York Giants faced the New England Patriots. That year, the books actually lost $2.57 million on more than $92 million wagered. The Giants also won that Super Bowl.

Last year was nearly as bad, with books taking a profit of just $724,176 out of $87.5 million in bets after the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25.

Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli said the $5 million win is unaudited and could change somewhat when the monthly reports are received by control board regulators. If it stands, it translates to a hold percentage of 5.4 percent, again, third-lowest in a decade behind 2008 and 2011.

The highest win percentages for Nevada's sportsbooks were 17 percent in 2005 when New England beat Philadelphia, 15.3 percent in 2004 when New England beat Carolina and 13.9 percent in 2007 when Indianapolis beat Chicago.


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