Vandals go on citywide weekend rampage

Vandals went on a citywide weekend rampage, damaging vehicles and other property from Pinion Hills to the west side of town.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said his department received between 35 and 50 complaints from area residents Saturday morning as people discovered the damage.

"This is absolutely indicative of young folks," said Furlong, pointing out that some houses and vehicles had been splattered with eggs and several mailboxes run over.

"That's juvenile."

He said the result is thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The most common targets were windshields of vehicles sitting in residential driveways - including a Nevada Highway Patrol vehicle. A number of cars also had other windows broken out. One house and the vehicle in front of it were egged, and more than one car had its tires slashed. In another case, a wallet was stolen from a vehicle that was broken into.

"They trashed the NHP vehicle," Furlong said. "It was vandalized pretty bad."

The surprise, he said, was that no one heard the vandals during the night. There were no reports until after sunrise Saturday - when, he said, "our guys were slammed" with calls.

Furlong asked that anyone with knowledge of who did all that damage call the sheriff's office.


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