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130 Years Ago

Asylum dance: The insane patients enjoyed the waltz - It was an interesting party. Dr. Dawson called about 50 of the insane patients into the large reception room to try the effect a dance would have on them. Alex Case, one of the attendants furnished good music. The twelve couples danced on the floor for a plain quadrille. Superintendent Dawson proposes to allow the patients to have a dance once a week.

120 Years Ago

Bodie: Bodie, a camp with no many ups and downs has been wiped out by fire that started in a bakery and destroyed business houses on both sides of Main street... It is not likely the place will every be rebuilt.

70 Years Ago

Major Barney B. Russell commander of the 77th Pursuit Squadron credits Private Lester Reymus of Schurz, Nevada for having made one of the most heroic rescues in the history of aviation. The twenty-four year old is well known in Nevada as a Golden Gloves boxing champion. He will receive the highly prized Soldier's Medal for taking a pilot alive from a burning airplane.

50 Years Ago

A Virginia and Truckee revival is seen as a possible tourist attraction. Dr. Linden A. Rushmer, president of the Nevada Heritage Association says that funding and property acquisition is being sought to restore the historic 22-miles railroad... First phase of rebuilding will center on the Virginia City-Gold Hill section...

30 Years Ago

Legislation transferring 3000 acres of agricultural land adjoining the Stewart Indian School over to the Washoe Indians was passed by the House of Representatives... The bill deals with the section of the campus used by the Washoe for ranching since 1887.

• Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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