Letters to the editor, July 27

Senior Follies was a tremendous success

Carla Wilson and Toni Van Cleve led the seniors of this area in an outstanding show recently.

Lavish sets were not needed. The performers were outstanding and did not need fancy scenery.

The program moved seamlessly from act to act with the introductions given by Carla and Toni.

Students from Silver State High School moved the few pieces of furniture and props on and off the stage without holding up any of the performers.

These students had never done this kind of work before, so they learned a lot from the experience. The seniors enjoyed working with the young people.

The performers not only sounded great but also looked great. They provided all of their own costuming.

The audience was appreciative of all the performances but the final songs, which gave tribute to veterans past and present, brought tears to most people's eyes. I am not sure what could have been done to make this a more enjoyable show.

Sally Mills


Anger over Olympic uniforms is fake

This fake anger displayed by our politicians over the U.S. Olympic team's uniforms is nothing more than a distraction from our real problem: the economy.

Sen. Harry Reid was "outraged" by such a travesty. Where was the outrage during the 2008 Games held in Beijing and 2010 Winter Games held in Vancouver? Ralph Lauren designed and had them produced in one of his factories then, just as now.

It would have been nice to have them made here, but thanks to the overreaching unions, America does not have much of a garment district left.

The uniforms were not paid for by tax dollars as so many recently failed government projects.

Inga Silver

Carson City


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