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130 years ago

There is not a day but someone walking along the wooden sidewalks on Carson Street stumbles against the nails projecting from the planks. Frequently ladies dresses catch them and are badly torn. Just a little work will correct this evil, and it is to be wished that little work will be performed without further delay.

100 years ago

House Cleaning: On the first of this month, as is customary every three months, any person who has not paid their subscription will be cut from the list. Those not receiving the Appeal if they are not in arrears, will know the reason why. It takes cash to pay for ink, newspaper, etc., and the price is rising all the time.

70 years ago

Mrs. Harriett G. Spann, Reno lady well known in Democratic circles, came to Carson this forenoon and visited the Secretary of State's office to file for representative of congress. Mrs. Spann is the first woman to file for representative in the state of Nevada.

50 years ago

An unmasked bandit calmly walked into the House of Spirits on North Carson Street last night and robbed the cash register of nearly $700 while holding two store attendants at bay with a pistol. The robber was described as neatly dressed and in his 50s.

20 years ago

The skull of an Ice Age Horse found at Pyramid Lake is giving experts an idea of ancient life in northwest Nevada. Attempts to carbon date the skull have failed. The skull was exposed in rock following six years of drought.

10 years ago

After 15 years of research and three years of temporary water treatment, a complete plan on how to scrub out stains left by Levianthan Mine is still four years away.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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