Letters to the editor July 31

Lone Mountain Veterinary helps stray cats

I would like to give Lone Mountain Veterinary the thanks that they deserve and to let the community of Carson City know how much they do to help all animals in this area.

We live on Division Street and we have a lot of cats in the neighborhood that are strays. We went up to the house were we saw many of the cats going and found out from the people who live there that they had been feeding them.

SPCA has there hands full with all the kittens that are being born and the stray and feral cats. So, my husband and I, along with this couple, started trapping and taking the cats into Lone Mountain Veterinary.

They reduced the cost to test, spay, and neuter them. Out of 11 cats, four had to be put down due to feline AIDS and feline leukemia. The rest were OK, however we did find out that there is no vaccine for feline AIDS. When cats carry this virus they can give it to other cats through fighting and saliva.

These people have kept all the cats that they were feeding, which is good because there are so many kittens and adult cats that do not have homes.

If you would like to help animals, do what is right and have them spayed and neutered. We have a great veterinary hospital that will work with you.

Rhonda Glisson

Carson City

Obamacare won't be any better that today's system

Here's some background information for Nevada Appeal journalist Sam Bauman's no-spin report on Obamacare.

Responding in the Wall Street Journal to the U.S. Preventative Health Service's recommended cutbacks on prostate cancer screening, 80-year-old venture capitalist and financier of PSA test development, Tom Perkins, said that if his doctors had followed the USPHS recommendation, he would be dead.

"Doctors for Obama" Dr. Christine Cassel is spearheading the "Choosing Wisely" initiative to eliminate 45 senior-oriented medical protocols. Meanwhile, the Obama FDA has rescinded or blocked approval of expensive drugs like Avastin (breast cancer) and Eliquis (stroke prevention).

These are examples of the Obama administration colluding to create testing and treatment shortages that will be used to justify Obamacare's decisions about who gets treated and who does not.

Obamacare cannot cover more people for less cost unless it redistributes care from the old and sick to those more "cost effective" to treat. "Universal coverage" for seniors will be mostly theoretical and very shallow.

Obamacare expands the health care bureaucracy, the Internal Revenue Service, and taxes - 21 new taxes - mostly on the precious 99 percent. What it does not create are more doctors, nurses, or clinics.

The current health care system is dysfunctional because of government participation. There is no shortage of doctors willing to take Blue Cross, but there is with Medicare, which has suffered so much fraud it has commissioned its own little Stasi, the Senior Patrol.

Medicare administrators have no incentive to carefully manage tax dollars; Obamacare will not be any better.

Lynn Muzzy

Carson City


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