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130 years ago

There is a shed at the rear of the Ormsby House which must be a rendezvous for all the cats in town. Fifty families are disturbed nightly by the discordant feline concerts. The noise produced by these infernal cats is enough to turn a saint into a devil. We know of a person who has a room faces the aforementioned shed; he has relieved his sleeping apartment with every moveable article, including framed pictures of deceased great grandparents, shying them at the midnight serenaders. There must be at least five hundred cats, judging from the volume.

100 years ago

At the Brougher farm north of this city things are moving. Some time ago Brougher dug a well that gave a heavy flow. This was equipped with one of the Barker windmills and the mill. The new well will be the largest ever in this section.

70 years ago

The camping committee of the Nevada Boy Scout area council has recently completed final arrangements for the opening of summer training camps of the Nevada area council at Camp Fleischmann, Camp Lamoille and Camp Success Summit.

50 years ago

Hank Monk, Carson City's noted stagecoach driver, today was still at a loss to determine if Ormsby County ever had a major political candidate. "Doesn't really matter," he muttered. "But we surely must have had one." As to the weather, it will be fair with some afternoon cloudiness.

20 years ago

Tahoe's forests of dead, brown trees have set off an alarm to locals and the most flammable on record for foresters.

10 years ago

A $10,000 phone survey shows Carson City residents are comfortable downtown, want more events and aren't concerned about finding parking.

• Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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