Deadline set for Lyon County master plan proposal

Lyon County Manager Jeff Page has until April 5 to prepare a plan to complete the master planning process and a budget, the Lyon County Board of Commissioners said recently.

During its strategic planning workshop, the board voiced concern over the length of time the process has taken.

Page said the planning department has had a 67 percent reduction of staff since 2006 and has taken on additional duties to include flood plain management, franchise revisions and implementation, emergency management as well as day to day operations with a staff of two (planning director and planning assistant).

The board suggested hiring a contractor or part-time employee to complete the development code, standards and the community components of the master plan.

Page said he would prepare a proposal and budget by the March 15 or April 5 commission meeting.

According to Planning Director Rob Loverberg, to complete the master plan process Lyon needs to:

• Develop and implement a consolidated development code.

• Implement rezoning.

• Develop and implement development standards.

• Develop and implement the community components of the master plan.

• Review and revise the countywide component of the master plan as the above are completed and as necessary.

• Revise existing county codes.

• Update the master plan asnecessary.

Page has said he is concerned that if the proposed mining developments, meat-harvesting plant and other projects take off, the county will not be prepared for the growth that will take place. These projects are two to five years away from major increases in population, but the county needs to have the master plan completed and ready to move forward.

The board of commissioners conducts workshops with appointed and elected department heads and staff at 9 a.m. every third Friday. The public is invited to participate in the process. For more information contact Page at 775-463-6531 or 775-577-5037.


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