Backyard burning canceled for 2012

Those wishing to burn yard debris will be disappointed for the duration of the year because open burning has been banned.“Some of the wildland fires around us in the past year were caused by open burn piles that were either left unattended or were not properly extinguished,” according to Carson City Fire Chief Stacey Giomi.The fire department typically allows open (backyard) burning twice a year, once in the spring and then again come fall. Because this year has been so dry, and because drought has “played a big role in significant ‘off-season’ wildland fires in our area,” the open burn period has been canceled, according to the fire department.The fire department will look at the conditions come spring and, with the help of lots of moisture, residents may be allowed to burn yard debris in March or April of next year, conditions depending.Carson City residents with yard waste do have other options, especially for those who have their trash taken out by Waste Management. They allow an extra seven bags of trash, debris or other refuse to be picked up each week.For more information, contact Tom Tarulli at 775-283-7159 or


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