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Warm and cold cycles

to continue

I am writing in response to Jon Nowlins letter on climate change. It was nice to see reference made to both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age in his letter, as most global warming supporters have attempted to remove those episodes from the record, most dramatically with Michael Manns infamous "hockey stick" graph.

He is, however, incorrect in one of his facts: that the temperature of today is correlating with the increase in CO2 gas in the atmosphere. There has been extensive research done on the subject (using ice cores from the Vostock Lake in Antarctica) and it has been found that warming occurs (for some reason, cause so far unknown) and then 400 to 800 years later the CO2 levels rise.

As any good scientist will tell you, "correlation does not equal causation" and the correlation of rising CO2 to temperature that so alarmed the climatologists for the last cycle has, according to a recent study released by the U.K. Met Office, halted for the last 16 years. While CO2 levels have risen ever higher, the global temperature has not. This is merely another, in a never ending series, of cycles of warm and cold that this planet experiences and will continue to experience until it is absorbed by the sun in a few billion years.

Gary Cain

Carson City

Seven cops and superman?

Seven "well-trained" cops with weapons took five minutes to beat a 5-foot 8-inch 170 pound "superman" into custody.

Wow! I would fire myself if I were any of those cops and find something that I was good at. Maybe they should have called that 7th grade girl that was too much for them and they tasered at the middle school! The cops in this town are out of control and it shows on this guy's face.

Hopefully, the FBI takes over the Sheriff's Office before they bankrupt our city and kill one of our citizens.

Adam Peterson

Carson City


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