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Global-warming arguments criticized

Jon Nowlin claims Edward Teller never really signed the Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine petition opposing the notion of man-caused global warming. Teller not only signed the petition, he actively wrote and spoke out against the notion that mankind was causing global warming. Nowlin needs to investigate the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change meeting held at the University of East Anglia to formulate the panel's notion of "global warming." The numbers they used were made up. Particularly Michael Mann of Penn State used phony numbers. This was widely published at the time.

I couldn't understand what Nowlin said about Greenland. He believes the earth warmed itself up. No, the Medieval Warming, which occurred between the mid-tenth century and the mid-thirteenth century, was caused by the sun. The sun generates energy equivalent to over a trillion H-bomb explosions every minute. When the sun pulses as little as it did then, the earth warms up.

The fact is that the sun is responsible for the earth warming and there is nothing mankind can do about it. Anthropogenic global warming was created by that panel in East Anglia to empower governments. The U.N. is fine with the U.S. government shutting down the coal mines. We can expect more such "governance" if government convinces Americans that generating electricity using coal is killing the planet.

Edward Teller saw this. That is why he wrote and spoke out against the nonsensical idea that humans are causing the globe to warm.

David K. Schumann


Reunite after elections

It's that time of year, the campaigning has ended. As predicted, some candidates won and some lost and, like March Madness, not all of our certainties were fulfilled.

Nonetheless, here we are in Western and Northern Nevada. What greeted me on this post-election morning when I raised the kitchen window shade were three deer staring at me in the window as they casually munched the tender tips of my apricot tree six feet away. Cleaning leaves in my backyard, I heard a wild rustling and saw thousands of silver maple leaves rushing at me from my neighbor's tree. I turned my back and saw a "leaf devil," thousands of turned leaves from my other neighbor's tree rising en masse to fleck our Nevada blue sky with sparks of gold and the wonderment was punctuated as my 100-plus-year-old fruit tree threw apples at my house and me.

The painful memories of shattered hopes and dreams will soon disappear, but the joy of our home (meaning Nevada) will endure. Let us reunite as neighbors to laugh with and appreciate one another once again.

Tom Strekal

Carson City


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