Austin’s House ‘2012 Appeal For Kids’ off to a good start

The Austin’s House Board of Directors is reporting a promising start to its inaugural annual appeal. Donations have reached almost $20,000 through the first half of the campaign. Austin’s House is celebrating its five-year anniversary of providing compassionate care for children in crisis with the “2012 Appeal For Kids.”“We have been humbled by the community response thus far,” said Kyle Holmstrom, treasurer of the Austin’s House Board of Directors. He added, “I would like to think that it’s recognition from the community of how vital Austin’s House is for children from Douglas County, Carson City and the surrounding areas.I think that many folks who have chatted with board members and our staff over the last few years have a real appreciation for how we have been able to stretch our donation dollars and have consistently had a very positive impact on the lives of local kids who really needed the support tremendously.”Several businesses and individuals have stepped up with sizeable contributions. “We hope we can continue this pace through the end of the year as families and businesses are thinking about making their annual tax deductible charitable contributions,” Holmstrom continued. “We had a goal of $50,000 by the end of 2012 when we started the campaign; reaching that goal would make an incredible difference for a small nonprofit like Austin’s House and really give it great momentum heading into its second five years in operation.” People interested in helping Austin’s House meet its $50,000 goal are encouraged to call 775-267-6711 or visit for more details.


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