Krueger back practicing law in Carson

Shannon Litz / Nevada AppealMark Krueger talks about his new job in the Carson City District Attorney’s office.

Shannon Litz / Nevada AppealMark Krueger talks about his new job in the Carson City District Attorney’s office.

There may not be a new sheriff in town, or even a new district attorney but there is a new assistant district attorney. Mark Krueger, formerly the assistant district attorney for Lyon County, replaces Gerald Gardner.Gardner moved from the assistant prosecutor’s job, under District Attorney Neil Rombardo, to become Gov. Brian Sandoval’s chief of staff on Sept. 5. Krueger, 43, who started at the Carson City District Attorney’s office on Sept. 24, moved to Carson City after completing studies at the California Western School of Law in San Diego. Starting in 1999, he worked briefly for then-Justice William Maupin of the state Supreme Court, and then spent two years clerking for Judges Michael Fondi and William Maddox, both on the First Judicial District Court.Krueger joined the state attorney general’s office as a deputy in 2001, leaving the agency as a senior deputy in 2008 to become Lyon County’s assistant district attorney, under District Attorney Robert Auer. “We were able to build the office, and maintain it, despite losing an employee every year,” Krueger said.Krueger was inspired to study law by his grandfather, who had been a judge in Milwaukee, Wis.Before moving west to attend law school, Krueger earned a bachelor’s degree in history and then worked for a neon sign manufacturer, traveling much of the time. But selling neon signs wasn’t for him. “The law was where my heart was,” Krueger said.When he moved from the attorney general’s office to work for Auer in Lyon County, “it was a big move,” Krueger said.Auer said Krueger’s move back to Carson City is “a big blow to our office because Mark is the smartest person I know.”The blow isn’t just to the office but to Auer himself.“He’s my best friend,” Auer said. “But I’m happy for him. It’s a great move for him.”Auer isn’t Krueger’s only DA friend. Rombardo and Krueger have known each other since Krueger clerked for Maddox.“We’ve been friends for a long time,” Rombardo said, adding, “He’s done it (assistant district attorney) in Lyon County, I know he’ll do a great job here.”For Krueger, coming back to Carson City reminds him of his clerking days, and the friendly office he’s managing doesn’t hurt any.“I’ve been here a week and it feels like it’s been five,” he said. “I feel like I’m at home.”Walking through the halls, he said he sees faces he’s known but not seen for a while.“There’s a lot of camaraderie here,” he said.Gardner replaced Heidi Gansert in the governor’s office. Krueger’s replacement in Lyon County is Stephen Rye.


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