Fundraiser Saturday for crash victim

A benefit for one of the families involved in the fatal crash that killed four on U.S. Highway 50 on Aug. 14 will be Saturday at the Tuff Luck Ranch.The benefit is for Daniel Holley, who burned more than 23 percent of his body and broke a leg in the crash.The benefit starts at 1:30 p.m. and will run until either the music stops playing or the neighbors call the sheriff’s office, Beth Gee, the Tuff Luck Ranch owner, said.Despite cheery proclamations of deputies being called out for noise, she said she expects the event to last until 4:30 p.m.“The goal is to (raise) enough money to get Daniel from Dayton down to U.C. Davis,” where he is still be treated for his burns. “Health insurance doesn’t cover travel expenses,” Gee said.The benefit will feature a silent auction featuring two lambs on the hoof, three tons of alfalfa, one border collie pup, one full set of brand new tires and frozen, butchered lamb.Patrons can buy tickets at the gate of the ranch, at 175 River Road in Dayton.Tickets cost $15 and a raffle will also be held.Singer, songwriter and cowboy poet Richard Elloyan will regale the crowds with music.Donations can also be made directly to the Wells Fargo account for the expenses under the name “Holley Family Farms Donation Fund” with account number 815083344.The crash also killed Ford Tucker, 18, of Fallon who was riding with Holley and Troy Sibson, 47, of Fernley; Noel Sotka, 52, of Fernley; and Souglas Counterman, 30, of Fernley.


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